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The runaway success of the "Transformers" series has sparked Hollywood's renewed interest in toy-based properties, with Goldner almost single-handedly leading the charge for new board game movies.
Board games are enjoying incredible growth in popularity.
That's my goal: Villa fan Keith Mallett has invented Socceristic, above, a board game that features all the rules of the beautiful game.
Many of the first board games appear to have been diplomatic gifts to signify status," the Discovery News quoted co-author Mark Hall as saying.
Ticket to Ride for iPad uses the iPad's innovative Multi-Touch interface and large screen to provide a polished digital board game experience.
The second place runner up was the Chronicles board game.
Elly Chesterman with the board game and some of the question cards
There are, of course, differences between the board game and the real world game.
Clive Kabatznik, CEO of Silverstar Holdings, added, "Ultimate Board Game Collection is our first Wii release and another milestone in our plan to maximize product potential across all game formats and leverage the power of Empire's unique European distribution network.
Furthermore, 27% of parents say they'd rather play a family board game than watch a Christmas movie (20%).
The familiar tokens from the Monopoly board game have gotten a modern--and some might say, mercenary--makeover.
This is a board game that sets you down on a track and you must complete every game in the collection in order: Win a game and and can proceed.
Board game fans are used to Monopoly money, but now they can trade in pieces of chocolate instead.
But with its emphasis on land warfare and the seizing of territory, and with its reliance on two-dimensional space, alternating turns, and the almost perfect knowledge of the enemy's strength as represented by metal figurines, the board game has become a tad outmoded.
The famous board game has taken on a pink hue to raise money for charity.
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