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Organisers said: "Those old board games collecting dust on the top of you closet could be key to keeping our mind active and healthy.
The lounge has a collection of more than 250 games made over a span of about seven years, is an exemplary hangout place for board game lovers.
For several years he's been teaching and inspiring people of all ages, nationalities and abilities through the medium of imaginative board games. "I remember," he says, "that board games played a big part in my life when I was a kid.
Team talk Members of Roar's West End Club have a go at the Age Scotland dementia friendly board game
There will be competitions, live music, free books, book swaps, birthday cake and - of course - the chance to relive the past by playing some of the best vintage and retro board games around.
Ahead of the opening, they said: "Board game cafes are becoming increasingly popular as a nostalgic way to connect with people in a world dominated by social media.
The company, with help from her father, Intel engineer Rakesh Mehta, was built around a board game of the same name, which aims to help teach kids how to code.
It won the award for its design of a cybersecurity board game for an insurance client.
As in Monopoly, which it resembles in some ways, accumulating wealth is the goal of the board game Bulls and Bears.
Murphey founded PlayGrim Games and iVerse Media, and is an industry veteran and entrepreneur in both the digital comic book and board game markets.
Nigar Nazar, the renowned Women cartoonist of Pakistan, has designed a unique Board Game for the kids of beneficiaries of BISP, to disseminate key messages on Civic rights, education rights and roles.
The launch event of this especially designed Board game was held on Sunday at BISP Headquarters.
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