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the following day,suspects Johnny Lozano, Ramel Logronio, Felipe Lozada, and Joselito Lozano were also caught in the act while unloading some 465 board feet of lauan lumber from three single motorcycles.
A 1,800-square-foot home uses about 10,000 board feet of wood, so the state's harvest last year provided enough wood for 379,000 such houses.
You can buy measuring sticks, that you hold up to the cut end of a log that tells you the number of board feet depending on the length of a log.
A recent amendment to the SLA increased the maximum fee to $146 per 1,000 board feet for lumber from British Columbia.
2 billion board feet, but the demand for wood products certainly isn't going down.
A 5-foot-diameter 40-foot log produces 6,760 board feet.
Superior Hardwoods, also in Fairbanks, buys about 10,000 to 15,000 board feet of rough-cut, green birch and aspen a year from Alaska Birch Works.
The $100 per thousand board feet, or 29 percent, reduction from the second quarter of 2010's average sales price of $345 per thousand board feet was the result of the prior-year period benefitting from a disruption in lumber supply due to wet weather conditions that hampered log supply to sawmills.
Some 30,000 board feet, or 8,000 pieces of lumber, from this province were now ready for donation to Marawi City residents who were left homeless by the war on a homegrown terror group that tried to turn the predominantly Muslim city into an Islamic State province.
From the 1960s until the 1995 Northwest Forest Plan, an annual average of 1 billion board feet of logs were extracted from the O&C lands.
The Benguet Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC) were able to seized 25 pieces of 2x3x8 pine lumbers with a volume of 100 board feet from them.
The acquisition includes three sawmills located in central Georgia with a combined annual capacity of 360 million board feet.
The target, which has annual capacity of 360m board feet of southern pine dimension lumber, will boost Interfor's capacity to over 2bn board feet per year, the buyer noted.
The company produces more than 230 million board feet of hardwood lumber each year, with an annual capacity of 95 million board feet of kiln-dried Lumber.
The acquired sawmill has a softwood allocation of approximately 524,000 cubic metres per year, produces 100 million board feet of lumber annually and employs nearly 140 people.
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