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On Friday at around 10 a.m., farmer Nolie Ugon, 23, was arrested after being caught in the act of arranging the 144 board feet pile of sawn lumber with an estimated worth of P6,480 in Sitio Panluan, Barangay Hagan in Bongabong town in Oriental Mindoro.
While in Surigao del Norte, two operations conducted in the municipalities of Gigaquit and Bacuag resulted in the arrest of three suspects and the confiscation of Green Rusco Multicab, passenger tricycle loaded with 2,499.2 board feet of Lauan lumbers worth P93,254.00.
A 1,800-square-foot home uses about 10,000 board feet of wood, so the state's harvest last year provided enough wood for 379,000 such houses.
Composite decking will provide the strongest growth opportunities, posting 15 percent annual growth through 2009 to almost 900 million board feet. Demand for composite decking will be fueled by its high durability and low maintenance requirements, as well as by product advances that provide a more realistic wood appearance.
Glulam production fell 6 percent to 338 million board feet, reflecting the weak nonresidential construction market.
Non-Canadian imports of softwood lumber in 2002 were estimated at approximately 1.3 billion board feet, representing an increase of more than 250 percent in just five years.
single-family home contains 13,127 board feet of lumber, 13.97 tons of concrete, and 2,085 square feet of flooring.
How do you figure out bow many board feet art, in a log?
For example, the current worth for a medium-grade black-walnut veneer log delivered to a veneer mill is $5 per board foot.(1) According to one of several methods used in the industry to price timber, a log with a diameter of 18 inches and a length of 14 feet has 171 board feet and a value of $855.
But Dombeck's moratorium also stands to delay timber sales totaling between 100 million and 275 million board feet -- a fact not well-received by Western Republicans in Congress.
The Presidio structure came down in one month, yielding 66,000 board feet of old growth Douglas Fir and Port Orford Cedar for salvage.
According to some environmentalists' estimates, more than a billion board feet of rider-based sales were canceled or postponed because of legal challenges, public interest lobbying and old-fashioned activism - including sit-ins to stop the logging trucks.
Close to 60 North American manufacturers produced about 16 million board feet of plastic lumber in 1995.
Last year, Alaska Birch Works sold 26,000 board feet of lumber and expects to sell about the same amount this year.
The new plan allows annual sales of 1 billion board feet of timber.
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