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Synonyms for certification

the act of certifying or bestowing a franchise on

confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence

validating the authenticity of something or someone

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National Board Certification is voluntary and open to all teachers who have three years of classroom experience and a baccalaureate degree.
A total of 30 teachers from District 62 have earned National Board Certification.
Working to establish a professional career continuum for teachers, the National Board is at work across the country, setting the expectation that all teachers should demonstrate accomplished teaching via National Board certification and become leaders in their schools and communities.
During 2015-2016, 18 attorneys applied for board certification and 15 were selected to sit for the examination.
Board certification is valid for five years, during which time the attorney must continue to practice law and attend Florida Bar approved continuing education courses.
Our study uses a unique dataset that combines physician information from the 2000-2001 and 2004-2005 CTS Physician Surveys with information on residency program evaluations and board certification scores from the ABIM.
Although the American Medical Association has passed resolutions stating that board certification should not be mandatory for such things as hospital privileges and participation in managed-care networks, many hospitals and insurance companies now mandate board certification, or its attainment within a certain number of years, in order to maintain these privileges.
The national board certification program is considered more rigorous than existing state programs required to receive a license or certification to teach pre-K-12 classes.
Nasim continued to meet the hospital's requirements but had not obtained board certification in specialty areas.
THE effort to credential public health workers (see story, right) has garnered the attention of a national medical society concerned that people will confuse public health credentialing with board certification of physicians, an allegation public health credentialing supporters refute.
There are about 10 other teachers in the Antelope Valley who have achieved board certification.
A more accelerated training program is sponsored by Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management Both board certification processes provide advanced learning on all aspects of board service including parliamentary rules, understanding financials, board awareness, committee participation and functions, and strategic planning.
National board certification for library media; a candidate's journal.
Thirty-six percent of teachers who achieved National Board certification in 2005 work in Title I schools.
The Comprehensive Care Practice Improvement Module would allow as many as 180,000 internists seeking to maintain ABIM board certification to send their performance data collected through that process to BTE and eventually to other payers.
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