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Old World wild swine having a narrow body and prominent tusks from which most domestic swine come

an uncastrated male hog

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For a long time, the boar is generally used the traditional way of castration to control the problem of boar taint. Researches showed that castration can not only reduce boar taint but cause animal welfare issues.
Absence of an effect of dietary fibre or clinoptilolite on boar taint in entire male pigs fed practical diets.
Even with castration, boar taint is a problem for Canadian producers.
Brunius C, Zamaratskaia G, Andersson K, Chen G, Norrby M, Madej A, Lundstrom K (2011) Early immunocastration of male pigs with Improvac[R]--Effect on boar taint hormones and reproductive organs.
Fuchs T, Nathues H, Koehrmann A, Andrews S, Brock F, Sudhaus N, Klein G, Beilage EG (2009) A comparison of the carcass characteristics of pigs immunized with a 'gonadotrophin-releasing factor (GnRF)' vaccine against boar taint with physically castrated pigs.
That is, before the boars attain the threshold level for boar taint and before the castrates become excessively fat such that their meat may not appeal to health conscious consumers.
'A lot of butchers won't take male meat unless they have been castrated and our local abattoir won't take males because of boar taint fears.
They say it is done to prevent "boar taint" - where the taste of the meat is affected by the presence of testosterone.
Kubale V, Batorek N, Skrlep M, Prunier A, Bon neau M, Fazarinc G, Candek-Potokar M (2012) Steroid hormones, boar taint compounds, and reproductive organs in pigs according to the delay between immunocastration and slaughter.
Vaccination of boards with a GnRH vaccine (Improvac) eliminates boar taint and increases growth performance.
A comparison of the carcase characteristics of pigs immunized with a 'gonadotrophin-releasing factor (GnRF)' vaccine against boar taint with physically castrated pigs.
The mammary gland, the digestive system and fertility will be the focus of separate basic research packages, with more applied research targeted at enhancing eggshell quality for food safety; improving animal behaviour linked to welfare; and eliminating boar taint in pig meat.
ABSTRACT : The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of dehairing methods and sex on various traits of pork quality, as well as on tissue levels of the boar taint compounds androstenone and skatole.