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very large boa of tropical America and West Indies

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A MALE boa constrictor is on the loose - and its owner warns he "is not friendly".
You might not want to be faced with a vicious Boa Constrictor that is roaming free.
Just a few months earlier in September 2018, a couple had the fright of their lives when a 7ft boa constrictor fell out of their attic.
A SHOCKED dad found his one-year-old daughter playing just a few yards away from a seven-foot boa constrictor in the family's garden.
A FORKLIFT truck driver and his wife found themselves 'wrestling' with a massive 10-foot Boa Constrictor after it was abandoned near a primary school.
The brown Cuban boa constrictor was being kept in Quinn Crescent, Wingate, near Peterlee.
Ambushing birds, monkeys and a wide range of other animals from Mexico south to Argentina, the iconic Boa constrictor attacks in much the same way each time.
Boa constrictors are already established in south Florida.
Deceiving snake: The birth of 19 boa constrictors surprised Assistant Curator Richard Brown (left) and keeper Neil Flockhart.
Boa constrictors have a drawn-out method of subduing their prey - wrapping their muscular bodies around it and slowly squeezing it to death.
A Malaysian court has sentenced a notorious wildlife trader to six months in prison after he was caught smuggling 95 live boa constrictors in his luggage at the country's main airport.
The department, in a statement issued late on Saturday, said its enforcement officers found 95 boa constrictors, two rhinoceros vipers and a matamata turtle inside the luggage.
Big snakes like anacondas, boa constrictors and pythons now live in the wilds of southern Florida.
We took it to the RSPCA and they said it was not the skin of a British snake." Increasingly popular as pets, boa constrictors are not poisonous.