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very large boa of tropical America and West Indies

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Boa constrictors are arguably the most famous of the boas, and do not have the best reputation.
The brown Cuban boa constrictor was being kept in Quinn Crescent, Wingate, near Peterlee.
A COUPLE had a scare after their NINE FOOT boa constrictor went missing at their home in Coventry.
Ambushing birds, monkeys and a wide range of other animals from Mexico south to Argentina, the iconic Boa constrictor attacks in much the same way each time.
Boa constrictors are already established in south Florida.
BOA constrictors are more likely to be found in South America than in Merseyside.
Deceiving snake: The birth of 19 boa constrictors surprised Assistant Curator Richard Brown (left) and keeper Neil Flockhart.
London, Jan 18 ( ANI ): Scientists have found that Boa constrictor snakes can sense their prey's heartbeat, and let go only when it stops.
Authorities found boa constrictors, together with several other snakes and a turtle.
The boa constrictor, which is small by comparison, grows to be about 4 meters long.
Increasingly popular as pets, boa constrictors are not poisonous.
Boa constrictors can go for six months between meals.
PRIMITIVE snakes - such as py thons and boa constrictors - do have nub-like legs beneath their skins.
PRIMITIVE snakes - such as pythons and boa constrictors - do have nub-like legs beneath their skins.
Babies raised around pet boa constrictors were most often "lost to follow-up.