boa constrictor

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very large boa of tropical America and West Indies

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Boa constrictors are not venomous but they attack their prey with their teeth and then constrict animals until they die.
Linda Hood, the owner of a six-foot-long Boa Constrictor complained that the snake sneaked off the house outside of her knowledge last Friday.
| The six foot boa constrictor found dumped in Sutton Park last year - just one of 600 call-outs for the RSPCA
The two boa constrictors had been dumped in a ditch at a playing field off Woodway Lane on Sunday, January 27.
"So I was thinking what could have happened, because I believe it's a boa constrictor, one of the snakes that squeeze you, and my child's quite wee."
Chris Liddle with the 10-foot Boa Constrictor found abandoned near a primary school
The boa constrictor starved to death by Newcastle couple Richard Curtis and Claire Fradgley
"Anyone with information about who dumped the boa constrictor, or who owns the snake, is urged to contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.
A TERRIFIED woman called emergency services begging for help - as a boa constrictor was wrapped tightly round her neck.
"It didn't end up on the sorting table, but there was a boa constrictor. It didn't end up on the sorting table so that was ok," said Collier.
A boa constrictor in Brazil learned a prickly lesson after it tried to eat a porcupine, an animal known for its stiff and sharp quills.
Ambushing birds, monkeys and a wide range of other animals from Mexico south to Argentina, the iconic Boa constrictor attacks in much the same way each time.
When ECOs arrived, they were shocked to see that the "python" was, in fact, a six-foot-long boa constrictor in poor health.