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fig tree of India noted for great size and longevity

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As well as food and drink options the menu also includes a story about the history of the Bo Tree, which is apparently the tree under which the Buddha was sitting when he achieved enlightenment.
magical bo tree under which to achieve final enlightenment.
He talks about the tree as an ecumenical symbol, the sacred tree, the tree of life, the crucifixion tree, the Bo Tree under which the Buddha sat, how trees were thought from ancient times to hold up the sky, how they nurture and sustain us with oxygen.
Sitting under a bo tree, he is said to have gained profound insight into the nature of mind and reality and was dubbed the Buddha-the enlightened one.
The strength of Women Under the Bo Tree is that it fairly represents these different views, at the same time, Bartholomeusz makes the point that no one is, or ever has been, interested in what the nuns themselves want to do, because that would allow women autonomy.
Small silver pots filled with water, being poured on the sacred Bo tree by everyone who was present.
Q: What's the state of the gardens' famous Bo tree, toppled by Tropical Storm Gabrielle in 2001?
The mosque is located under a Bo tree near the second temple.
He set himself ablaze close to a Bo tree along the Pansala Road, where the entrance to Mahamaluwa of the Temple of the Tooth is situated.