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Synonyms for blusterous

blowing in violent and abrupt bursts

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"I've been blacklisted as much as anyone in the '50s," says John Milius in the absorbing new documentary "Milius," an aptly blusterous teddy bear of a movie directed by Joey Figueroa and Zak Knutson.
Imperatively, its cabal must tone down its provocative blusterous rhetoric and banish its spurious posturing once and for all.
And todayAl Habtoor has thrown his company's weight behind Dubai's bid for Expo 2020 glory, a defining moment in the city's blusterous race for global stature.
Then we decided to create our own vision of an alien: chubby, simple-minded, cute, clumsy and blusterous," - says Sergey Gorobets, team leader of 3D-Sparrow.
The MBCA (and its blusterous drafters) (20) fueled competition in corporation-law revision, and by 1963, Delaware determined that it needed to revise its corporation law to remain competitive.
Into this world, comes Ahmadinejad with his "in your face" bravado and his blusterous taunts.