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blowing in violent and abrupt bursts

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7 ( ANI ): Singer Steven Patrick Morrissey has slammed the coverage of the London 2012 Olympics for its "blustering jingoism", and likened the "foul patriotism" and the media frenzy surrounding the Games to the "Nazi spirit" of Germany during 1939.
To do that new blood is needed to take on the task - not a reliance on the blustering foolish old guard in the media sleepingpartner Cheaper entry for under 25's, more substantial links with universities, a few younger commentators...
The 89-year-old from Shirley spent nearly an hour in blustering winds crossing from Calais to Dover as part of the centenary celebrations of the first cross-Channel flight by Louis Bleriot in July.
If you don't understand why, stop and think about some of the most amazing words ever spoken: "The Eagle has landed." For it was on the day they were spoken (just weeks after Star Trek's demise, trivia fans) that it seemed like human beings had managed to get something right for a change, even if it was orchestrated by superpowers huffing and blustering as they raced to gather up firsts.
Blustering winds that never stop, Continuous rain makes my house hop.
Council leader Warren Bradley described his group's proposals as "no pipe dreams, no political blustering".
Because his parents aren't married, and one is a foreign national, blustering bureaucrats have refused Kieran an inalienable right.
As important to McCarthy's demise, Doherty writes, were the senator's own blustering performances during an "equal time" rebuttal of Murrow, the 1953 Senate inquiry into Communist influence at the Voice of America, and the 1954 probe that became known as the "Army-McCarthy hearings," during which the senator, with the help of Roy Cohn and Robert F.
Taubman describes him as blustering, erratic, impulsive, cunning, and secretive, but also as a man who set the stage for changes to come.
Some of you might be old enough to remember the Eisenhower presidency (in the 1950s) when the then secretary of defence stated, "What's good for General Motors is good for the country." (He was a former General Motors executive and remained a shareholder.) Al Capp, the L'il Abner comic strip creator, parodied this event, creating a blustering, overbearing character called General Bullmoose who proclaimed, "What's good for General Bullmoose is good for the country!" General Bullmoose rides again!
But the brutality of the attack on blustering Ron and his dinner guests was quite sickening and definitely no joke.
My favorite was Wind, 1968, in which a little bundled-up band of performers, shot by Peter Campus on a wintry Long Island beach, wage stoic battle against gusts and their own blustering clothes.
It tells of his first blustering proposal for a "sink the Maine" stratagem, then his deepening second thoughts, then his courage in standing up to the room full of powerful hawks and putting forward the moral questions, and the long-kept-secret but crucial negotiation and compromise with the Russians.
Little Voice (Miramax: 1998) There are echoes of Rain Man in this poignant and darkly enchanting Cinderella tale of a terminally shy girl living in the shadow of her blustering, oversexed mother.
She says that Maureen Holdsworth's marriage to blustering butcher Fred Elliott could have created one of TV's classic husband and wife teams.