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According to the report, he added that they cannot commit themselves to an endless cycle of violence, and tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it's not the right thing for our security.
This show looks behind the bluster to reveal even deeper layers of bluster as well as grown men walking the streets of Cheshire wearing T-shirts that say: Behind Every Project Manager There's A Neil Clough.
TODAY'S "The more you rant and bluster, the less convincing you are" - Labour leader Ed Miliband taunts the Prime Minister during Commons exchanges.
For buoyant guitar bluster and hook-laden fuzz-pop reminiscent of US college favs like Throwing Muses and The Breeders, look no further.
bluster but they cannot hide "They have now landed themselves with the most ridiculous proposals that an independent Scotland will have its monetary policy dictated by the rest of the United Kingdom.
Extremists are upset with the success of moderate politicians in Libya and Egypt - and will take advantage of any crisis; countries should restore order quickly and US politicians should stop bluster
All the bluster from David Cameron and Vince Cable about no rewards for failure is proved to be just that, in record time too.
We get promises and platitudes, and as Coun Maton has shown, we get yet more spin and bluster, but no help.
Joe may bluster, as do all younger people, that he realises this, but secretly he will dismiss it, believing that it's much too far in the future to consider.
And all this endless bluster about new football stadiums, old football stadiums and shared football stadiums, without any action ever coming is making us look foolish as a city.
MALLON v Mandale has the ring of a wrestling match about it to me, a lot of chest thumping and bluster, but both parties already know what the outcome will be, a compromise decided from the start.
Watch them bluster and squirm as they try to answer and you'll feel so much bigger
What will he say when he sees them: Angela, old pal, just a little Soviet bluster for old time's sake
Forget the bluster -- Hicks isn't doing much schooling here at all.