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Synonyms for blushing

having a red face from embarrassment or shame or agitation or emotional upset

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The Racing Post's own superb sites have blushingly declined to be eligible for awards, for obvious reasons.
In his brief discussion of Sappho, the preeminent Greek poet of erotic desire, Lane Fox blushingly marvels at her lesbianism--"she really desires these ladies"--before changing tack and deeming her a "poetess of flowers.
For Marlowe, in his "Hero and Leander" and "Hero and Leander Completed," Iyengar argues in chapter 4, the battle between skin tones, blushingly red, pale white, and black, are markers of "the struggle of narrative poetry to give birth to lyric" (103).
Others blushingly admit personal mistakes and analyze their actions in close situations.
and Hall (born near Detroit but now an Atlanta transplant) started writing together in 2002, the two almost blushingly confessed they were closet country lovers.
Turd and monstrance" must blushingly, charmingly, admit their chiming kinship of t's and r's.
Dublin office worker David (Jonathan Byrne) arrives at the church for his wedding to Fiona (Justine Mitchell), but the bride blushingly admits she's having second thoughts.
This disaffection from the fullness of humanity prompts the patrons of a literal, official church to disdain and to draw blushingly back from the body, defending themselves against its sexual dews and damps through an obsession with negative sexuality, with a conviction that no sex is better than any sex, that, if sex is necessary to continue the race, it remains so unnatural and undignified that it must be eliminated from the Incarnation that is thus dehumanized by being rendered sexless.
An elementary school teacher who blushingly admits: "I haven't gotten very far with the book
SPEED star SANDRA BULLOCK has blushingly revealed the most embarrassing moment of her career - when one of her boobs popped out at a big Hollywood event.
The tiny lobby bar only hints at the blushingly romantic decor and the eclectic California cuisine of Amador City's Imperial Hotel (14202 State 49; 267-9172).
The barebreasted women are okay, they blushingly admit.
He blushingly admitted that Marianne Moore had once called his work true poetry.
For example, Bullock dismisses suggestions that she's replaced Julia Roberts at the top of everyone's A list (``God, I hope not,'' was the blushingly delivered exact quote).