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Synonyms for blusher

yellowish edible agaric that usually turns red when touched

makeup consisting of a pink or red powder applied to the cheeks

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Reach for the blusher. It's the quickest trick in the book for looking as though you've just spent a week at Champneys - so why do so many of us end up with go-faster stripes on our cheeks, a la Mum's Capri?
These funky, twist-top blushers will transform cheeks with an iridescent sheen.
You can use powder blusher as long as it's natural-looking.
Blusher The good news is that Boots have developed a blusher and bronzer range based on their Match Made skin-tone analysis to make it easier to find flattering colours.
Boots has developed a blusher and bronzer range based on its Match Made skin-tone analysis to make it easier to find flattering colours.
It's all about draping, which is a fancy way of saying blending blusher from apples towards hairline.
BOOM AND BLUSH THE key to keeping cheek colour in place is to find a blusher that's highly pigmented, whether cream or powder.
MAC Toledo blushers such as Azalea Blossom, Bright Peach and Kindergarten Red each come in three gradating shades, which users can combine or limit to one or two depending on their mood and the occasion.
North America also has one of the highest proportions of blusher launches in face color cosmetics (21 percent versus 19 percent globally) and bronzers (6 percent versus 4 percent globally).
Rating 3/5 Illamasqua, Velvet Blusher in Peaked, PS18, THIS was a very luxurious blusher and quite sheer but you can build it up.
Using the touch-sensitive screen, you can choose from more than 50 different eye colours, around the same number of lip colours, and 12 blushers, bronzers and cheek tints.
I THIS compact looked so I glamorous and was one of I the easiest blushers I have ever used.
Nouba No 25 Make-up Kit has three compartments - you'll find 16 shadows on top, four blushers and a powder in the middle shelf and four lip colours, pencils, mascara and applicators in the bottom A great first make up buy.