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pinkish table wine from red grapes whose skins were removed after fermentation began

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Many novice drinkers especially found that the fairly sweet white Zinfandels and blush wines made an easy graduation from Coke and Pepsi.
California is full of zinfandel, much of which gets made into a light, sweet blush wine. But this is essentially a red wine grape and in the right hands makes for a powerful, deep red, highly flavorful wine.
All painting supplies provided; bring your own blush wine.
Trinchero had done this before, dubbing the dry blush wine "white Zinfandel." This time the fermentation stuck before the yeast had eaten up all the sugar.
I recommend serving a dry rose or blush wine, sparkling or still, with this meal.
. LAST Shadow Puppets' Miles Kane gave partygoers an impromptu mini gig at the opening of Blush wine and cocktail bar.
"People who have heard Llanerch Vineyard Limited has gone into liquidation think we are closed but the vineyard, restaurant, food school and accommodation is very much open for business and as well as good weather for the harvest, we also need people to come out and support us." Llanerch is the largest commercial vineyard in Wales and produces white still, sparkling wines and a blush wine marketed under the Cariad label.
The range of hampers includes such items as sparkling blush wine, chocolate love spoons and Merlyn liqueur - all made in Wales.
Belmondo Zin is a blush wine, made in the style of California white zinfandel, according to the company.
Served with a simple green salad and a glass or two of dry Pinot Grigio blush wine, you'll be the hit of your Valentine's Day festivities.
We enjoyed a Maiden's Blush wine ($6.50) and one of the winery's custom beers, the Special Reserve ($4), while taking our time with the menu.
Moving on to that 'lovers' tipple' - Champagne, Oeil de Perdrix (Majestic pounds 16.99 with discounts available on a mixed case) is a blush wine, with a 'partridge eye' pink tinge.
Hoping to make a significant impact in the blush wine category, Mystic Cliffs has launched its new White Merlot.
Take the winery tour - your guide will reveal the secrets of making pineapple wine, the winery's surprisingly good sparkling wine, and a slightly sweet blush wine that is perfect for those sandwiches.
Here grapes are harvested at much lower Brix to retain acidity (and get the crop processed early), pressed and eventually vinified with some residual sugar or concentrate additions to produce a lower-alcohol, semi-sweet, blush wine. This is, incidentally, a beverage I enjoy from time to time and have served to company in my home with excellent results.