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Synonyms for blur

become indistinct


  • become indistinct
  • soften
  • become vague
  • become hazy
  • become fuzzy



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Synonyms for blur

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Synonyms for blur

a hazy or indistinct representation

become glassy

to make less distinct or clear

Related Words


make unclear, indistinct, or blurred

make a smudge on

make dim or indistinct

become vague or indistinct

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However, images that are clearly frozen in time and those that extend time and imply motion through blur are simply different forms of photographic expression.
She is moving toward us faster than the speed my shutter can handle, resulting in blur. Her burst of energy contrasts with the relaxed, crossed-hands posture of the two people at right.
This interplay between photographic and painterly materiality is effectively balanced in those photos showing a contrast between light and shadow, sometimes revealing an unnatural blur in the otherwise clear picture field.
where K is blur kernel, [cross product] is convolution operator, L is latent unblurred image, and N is noise in blurred image.
As shown in Figure 1, motion blur in a real-world image can be so complicated that the assumption of shift invariance is not always held.
In this paper, we propose a novel image deblurring algorithm for nonuniform motion blur images.
- Provide an overview and optimization ideas for a few of the popular real time image blur filters, applicable on very different range of hardware (from sub-4W mobile device GPUs to high end 250W+ desktop GPUs).
Image blur filters are commonly used in computer graphics - whether it is an integral part of a Depth of Field or HDR Bloom, or another post process effect, blur filters are present in most 3D game engines and often in multiple places.
Bloom and Depth of Field - two common uses of a blur filter
Damon Albarn is apologising to Australians for Blur's cancelled Big Day Out appearance.
Blur were supposed to headline the Australian-New Zealand music festival in January, but announced the cancellation of their BDO appearance in November, blaming the organisers for their "constantly shifting goalposts and challenging conditions."
Blur is one of the degradations that is classified as radiometric, created by factors such as motion, overexposure, camera vibrations,, and strong illumination.
Earlier work in image features invariant with respect to blur is divided into three different categories.
So we've got an optimized Gaussian blur implementation and we are processing it in 1/2 by 1/2 resolution for our HDR Bloom effect (in a hypothetical game development scenario), but it is still costing us 3ms per frame.
While a single Box filter pass does not provide good enough blur effect for most purposes, re-applying a box filter multiple times over the same dataset approximates Gauss distribution.