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Synonyms for blurry

covered by or as if by a thin coating or film

Synonyms for blurry

indistinct or hazy in outline

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Since it sounds as if your blurry vision has developed suddenly, the problem might be caused by an eye disease.
Users experiencing blurry photos taken with their iSight
Revealing their observations in the journal Psychological Science, the researchers said that the students who viewed the ads for chocolate were more likely to desire the chocolates in the blurry ad than the ones in the clear, easy-to-read ad.
As the dance and the film unfold, the women face their families and their fates and navigate the blurry lines between life and art.
Rist's skeletal narrative is conveyed by an image within an image--a roundel of clear, intense focus surrounded by a square frame of blurry, colored movement.
Light that does pass through gets scattered by the water beads, causing objects to appear blurry.
99, the 1 litre machine can cope with any demands, regardless of how blurry you are feeling.
Suddenly, the boundary between body and machine looks blurry.
He gets the job--and so begins a lighthearted yet not lightweight satire about good and evil, love and hate and the blurry line between them.
Maybe this man has some talent; maybe he hasn't: there is nothing in this hideous text or these often blurry images to prove it either way.
The narrative deals with guilt and conflicting emotions concerning the all too common condition of childhood diabetes; gentle, somewhat blurry color illustrations add a visual touch to the girl's personal journey.
Managing director Stewart said: 'Early infrared images were blurry, indistinct and, in retrospect, could be misleading.
Talen created a collage by simultaneously taking moments in the different character's lives and capturing them in squares scattered across the screen on top of blurry lines of colour.
In the beginning, I thought the line that divided me from homosexuals was a very clear and distinct one, yet in the end that line had become so blurry that it was hardly visible.
He also began experiencing blurry vision in his left eye and was fighting bouts of fatigue.