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Synonyms for blurry

covered by or as if by a thin coating or film

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Synonyms for blurry

indistinct or hazy in outline

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It is well known that FMT reconstructs a three-dimensional distribution of fluorescent yield with multiple projection images from different angles, while the proposed method can be considered as the reconstruction of a two-dimensional image from a single blurry image.
A Blurry vision can be caused by nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Apple is asking owners of its iPhone 6 Plus phablet to check the device's serial number, because some batches of the device are producing blurry photos.
Apple has announced a replacement programme for the iSight camera on the iPhone 6 Plus, borne out of an issue that causes pictures to look blurry.
Instead, we agree that the line is blurry between what's appropriate and what isn't.
ALIEN ABDUCTION Sky Movies Premiere 1.30PM PREMIERE Autistic Riley Polanski and big brother Corey Eid (above) film North Carolina's 'ghost lights' in blurry found-footage 'verified by the US Air Force'.
In the foreground some blurry officials crouch, ready
It made his vision blurry and it was difficult for him to work, and his red eyes were a popular topic on social media.
It's also difficult to hold the device steady, resulting in blurry photos or shaky video.
But 63% of adults in the North East said they wouldn't visit their GP if they experienced symptoms such as blurry vision or wavy lines.
You might expect, this being YouTube, that much of the footage would be grainy, wobbly, blurry and poorly composed.
Still blurry? Could be the windows on the ISU's doghouse assembly are dirty.
He wanted to erase himself and burrow into the city, to deliver its soul in blurry motion, all smut and kinetic clusters of people.
Hit The Spot gives the Rolling Stones and AC/DC a run for their money, I'm So Alone is a blurry Bermondsey blooze, and A Man Out Of You is 60s-styled rock and stroll.