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Synonyms for blur

become indistinct


  • become indistinct
  • soften
  • become vague
  • become hazy
  • become fuzzy



Synonyms for blur

Synonyms for blur

a hazy or indistinct representation

become glassy

to make less distinct or clear

Related Words


make unclear, indistinct, or blurred

make a smudge on

make dim or indistinct

become vague or indistinct

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The eye's ability to compensate for blurring may contribute to the myopia associated with reading, the researchers contend.
Christou isn't sure yet whether the residual blurring seen in his images is caused by the atmosphere or by imperfections in the telescope's mirror and the effects of telescope vibrations.
The distinction between established generics companies and mainstream pharmaceutical companies is blurring as companies such as Teva and Ranbaxy increase their investment in R&D in a bid to push their product portfolios upstream.
Having a real-time Gaussian Blur allows you to subtly finesse the footage or graphics in many practical ways such as blurring your matte, creating glows, blurring drop shadows, blurring color channels for subtle color correction effects, swing shift lens effects, etc.
The TDRA and its blurring factors came to be through numerous case decisions; however, since its enactment, there has yet to be an effective challenge to the TDRA blurring factors for their effectiveness, utility, or relevance.
Lens Blur provides the ability to focus on the subject while blurring the background to get the SLR-like effect (a.
Achieve effects such as blur around a circle, which is similar to blurring a rotating merry-go-round.
Rather, the accumulation of subretinal fluid in the macula results in metamorphopsia and blurring of vision.
Another article in the same issue, "Are EDCs Blurring Issues of Gender?
Stretch" was the title of Deborah Oropallo's recent exhibition at Stephen Wirtz Gallery, and the term applies as much to the vertical blurring that distinguishes many of the paintings as to their maker's apparent compulsion to continually challenge and extend her practice.
The blurring line between coated and uncoated paper markets.
The Psychology of Entertainment Media: Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and Persuasion.
By modeling the effect of that blurring and by observing Sagittarius A* at a range of wavelengths, Geoffrey Bower of the University of California, Berkeley and his colleagues pinned down an upper limit on the size of the radio-emitting source.
It stops time in its tracks, taking an instant out of its context and either freezing it or blurring it to make a point and communicate an idea.
The choreography was transparent, much of it in unison, often concentrating on a single body part: fiercely fluttering hands, blurring windmill arms, and feet dancing over hot coals.