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the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines

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Caption: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can cause blurriness or blind spots in your central field of vision.
A fast shutter speed helps minimize blurriness due to atmospheric turbulence, wind, a nontracking mount, or an unsteady hand holding the camera up to the eyepiece.
Without knowledge of photography and resolution, it may be hard for some to understand pixilation and dpi, but anyone can understand blurriness.
In response, Flying Mojo argued that consumers may recognize the association of Purple Haze with Jimi Hendrix, and with psychedelic rock and the counterculture of the 1960s, and further that the mark may bring to mind a purple, psychedelic vapor or a mental state of blurriness and confusion.
But without enough aperture, high power just magnifies blurriness.
This need is only underlined by the increasingly blurriness that many of these articles highlight between the institutional and vernacular in the media-heavy cultural terrain of neoliberal capitalism.
Zeiss O-Select automatically eliminates blurriness at the edges even if the operator cannot see it.
Strabismus" or eye misalignment is an imbalance in the muscles that move the eye, with the most common called "cross-eye" preventing both eyes from properly working together, causing headaches and nausea due to strained eyes leading to blurriness.
However, a large filtering window is prone to cause more blurriness.
This DM helps to remove all of the atmospheric blurriness that would otherwise limit the telescope's performance.
Cataracts can cause blurriness, poor night vision, or glare, that gradually worsens if the cataracts are not removed.
In March, German Cardinal Paul Cordes, retired president of the Vatican's Pontifical Council Cor Unum, accused the reformist Marx of "irritating theological blurriness," and rejected his claim that "certain expectations" were now being directed to ward Germany in the wider Catholic church.
My astrologer told me, though, that the position of Neptune in my chart shows a certain blurriness that adds to the mystique.
In today's environment of increased blurriness between lip cosmetics and lip balms, Softlips Cube is a very attractive innovation that retailers have welcomed as a standout product.
The Note 4 offers better battery life and a camera with optical image stabilization that takes the blurriness out of photos.