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the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines

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Symptoms again include blurriness of vision, sensitivity to glare (particularly at night), and possibly less color clarity.
These can be inaccurate colors or blurriness. The researchers overcame this by using a method they call 'partial convolution.' The method essentially does another pass-on edited portions of an image and renormalizes them to look as clean as possible.
"There's clearly no doubt about that… there's still some blurriness, it's still not possible to say for sure whether we've got our nose in front of them or they've got their nose in front of us.
Samsung said it has collected and analyzed millions of video databases to self-convert low quality content to higher quality by recovering visual and audio effects in areas such as blurriness, brightness and background sound.
It's difficult to tell if William Leavitt's work reflects an imprecise past or a strange, near future, and it's exactly this temporal blurriness that makes his work so compelling.
Amblyopia can develop as a result of chronic blurriness in an eye with considerable refractive error.
However, you need to be alert for certain changes in vision, including blurriness, haziness, or distortion in your central field of vision--the area you see when you look straight ahead.
And that's giving my brain all this topographic information and that's something other than blurriness. So, with my newfound excitement that people were treating me like a peer, I thought, I'm going to write to these scientists and ask them, hey, have you considered movement?
"People use the word fogginess when they could mean blurriness - a key symptom of being short-sighted and the most common cause by some way," says Stephen.
When it comes to Iran's appalling humans rights records at home and abroad, there is no blurriness or ambiguity; the records and rules are very much crystal clear.
"But what happened to black people's contributions in that blurriness? I'm a black girl who has dreads and is making R&B music, which is just not a sensational and fashionable music except for when it's sung by white people."
The most common reported symptom among the patients studied was impaired central vision, including blurriness and blind spots.
Recently, retinal image is proposed as a new means for cataract diagnosis according to its blurriness [9].
spatial reflection, blurriness, chromatic moment and color diversity.
Over the years I have written many times about the "old days"-back in the 1980s-and the primitive black and white ultrasounds whose fuzziness was exceeded only by the parents' determination to "see" arms and legs amidst a fog of blurriness.