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Synonyms for blur

become indistinct


  • become indistinct
  • soften
  • become vague
  • become hazy
  • become fuzzy



Synonyms for blur

Synonyms for blur

a hazy or indistinct representation

become glassy

to make less distinct or clear

Related Words


make unclear, indistinct, or blurred

make a smudge on

make dim or indistinct

become vague or indistinct

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Making the hole bigger will let more light through, but the image will get blurrier.
I was driving along thinking that my glasses needed adjusting, but as the days went by the world got blurrier and darker.
As the world got blurrier, Barrera became afraid he would go blind and never again see the faces of his grandchildren.
Although the resulting image appears blurrier than the one with 2048 pixels, the information content of images in two resolutions is nearly the same; as shown in Figure 13, using 1024 pixels enables fast rendering using the tiling method.
For lateral behaviour, the picture is blurrier, because we lack sufficient empirical evidence to model real human behaviour.
As you read this word, (keep your eye on the "word") the further from that "word," the blurrier your vision.
But a hand grasping a tool coming from the blurrier side view, either right or left, helps the brain to guide it.
The picture is blurrier on purchase loans, Blomquist said.
(1.) With people increasingly making use of social media to circulate their personal views in the public domain, the line between overt and covert monitoring of popular views may be becoming blurrier.
Rand's dividing line is much blurrier than she imagined.
So as soon it's used the floodlights, especially during dusk, you really have to focus hard, as a fielder it's hard to see the ball from square of the wicket and sometimes it's a complete miss, taking high catches was the other issue as the older ball gets blurrier, skipper added.
Add to this a trend toward more merchants setting up branded shops within healthcare campuses and healthcare spaces moving into former stores, and the lines between retail and healthcare become even blurrier.
In an industry where indies helping indies is becoming ever more popular, the line between what is and what isn't "Indie" is becoming blurrier by the minute.
His phrasing, which did not commit to the strict confines of gayness, was read by some as wishy-washy cowardice, but I like to think of it as a landmark moment for anyone who has a blurrier, more fluid vision of their own identity.