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Synonyms for blurred

Synonyms for blurred

indistinct or hazy in outline

unclear in form or expression


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This paper addresses the restoration of face image from a single blurred one without estimating blur kernel.
The cow can be viewed in all its glory further down the road but its face was blurred when it came closer to the camera.
This can be resolved, for fade-in and fade-out effects, by interpolating between blurred down-sampled and the final image for small kernel values.
In this case, it needs to be estimated using the blurred image in order to apply deconvolution and obtain a better result.
28) Louis Vuitton alleged trademark dilution by blurring, amongst other offenses, against Dooney & Bourke for their production of handbags that allegedly blurred the Louis Vuitton mark.
Baghdad, Sept 30(ANI): Hardline Iranian website, Mashreghnews had blurred the photographs of a recently freed US hiker Sarah Shourd over concerns that her white top might offend Muslims.
The bronze statue outside the main stand has had its face and name blurred.
There is nothing inherently wrong or bad about blurred images.
GOOGLE Street View has blurred the picture of Colonel Sanders on KFC restaurants because he is "a real person".
In other words our method should be able to locate tampered regions with pixel-wise resolution even if the whole image before or after the attack was additionally blurred or sharpened.
1 : to make unclear or hard to see or remember <Adjusting the lenses just blurred the image further.
The Sage blurred into the Baltic, which blurred into the Tyne Bridge, which blurred back into the Sage
Though cropped and blurred the objects depicted are identifiable as orange-tinted prescription bottles and round white pills: a pharmaceutical gloss on the idea of layered vision.
Even telephoto shots or close-up shots present no problems with fast shutter speeds, and fast-moving objects can be beautifully captured without the typical blurred streaks that occur due to subject movement.