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a promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books)

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1,000 in printing from Blurb to publish beautiful, bookstore-quality books on premium paper stock with archival-quality binding.
Our new offset print capability can reduce unit costs by as much as 40% or more over single copy print on demand, Eileen Gittins, Blurb s founder and CEO, said in the company s announcement.
8 million unique books, Blurb has a global footprint that extends to more than 70 countries.
Good news then that The Twilight Sad, the Scottish band to whom said blurb refers, are on their way to Belfast next week.
You'll experience everything you experienced in that glorious decade," promises the blurb.
In addition the company revealed that Blurb representatives will visit Berlin, Germany; Paris, France; and London, England; along with a tour group from photo-sharing website Flickr, which is promoting its community-contributed 24 Hours of Flickr book, currently available through Blurb.
The blurb described the real damage done by meth, but it also mocked the "blizzard of scare stories in the media" about the drug.
Big coffee-table format, no stinting on colour reproduction, seventy five or so plans of gardens from, as the Danish Architectural Press blurb puts it, Tsarskoe Selo to the Villa Lante from Versailles and Stowe to Fredensborg.
The excellent reviews given by competent authors (no blurb whores) were of minimal value, I think, in part, because my own people in the business were not accepting of a unique story and quality craftsmanship.
As copywriter Bob Bly puts it in a blurb for the book, "This book makes pricing so much fun, you might not realize how much you're learning.
The blurb for Four Blind Mice promises suspense, explosive action and plot twists.
With the electrifying drama of Euro 2004, the Three Lions will once again embellish England's shirts as they strive for victory,' said the sales blurb.
So says the publisher's blurb for the book invoked by Robert Beck in the subtitle of "Glove Skinning" (Bruised) ("The Modern Man's Guide to Life" by Denise Boyles, Alan Rose, and Alan Wellikoff), 2003, a central work in the artist's mordant and affecting recent show.
The Designer Collection was created specifically for Blurb by designer Laura Brunow Miner, former Design Director at the acclaimed JPG Magazine and founder of Pictory, an online photo magazine.
Younger readers will like Lat's cartoon-y style, which emphasizes facial features and movement; the art reminds me of Matt Groening (who has a blurb on the cover).