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a promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books)

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Yet the studio wants the blurb for ads appearing the day the movie opens.
Blurb: She is a tough, dedicated physician…he's a Terranian warrior through and through…will he be able to convince her to care for him as more than a patient?
It got switched out for another piece late in the production cycle, but we neglected to change the cover blurb. The Marlin piece you expected will appear in an upcoming issue.
On the other hand, the Japanese language blurb also confirms the release of the paid online service this fall.
I would love to read this 'thriller' for four- and five-year-olds aloud to children but I would make sure NOT to read them the blurb on the back.
Blurb: Camellia knows her way around city streets and the pathways of the mind.
PB Responds: The cover blurb about shooting tighter groups referenced Randy Ulmer's Full Draw column about shooting stance.
I was fortunate enough to receive a pre-publication copy of Never Too Late to Go Vegan and wrote a blurb for this book.
Why is the little bit of information about a book that is written on its cover called a blurb? It seems like such a strange word.
Maharashtra, April 11 -- Thought blurb, the advertising and design agency based out of Mumbai, has bagged four gold and two silver awards at the Golden Mikes 2014 held at ITC Grand Central in Mumbai.
"Folk with layers of noise" influenced by Serge Gainsbourg, Arab Strap and Phil Spector - you'll hardly find a blurb more likely to hook us than that.
For the present work I used a self-compiled corpus of the online blurbs of 234 textbooks published between 1996 and 2011 by Elsevier Publishing under two imprints, Butterworth-Heinemann and Architectural Press (1) with a total 82,497 words, an average of 352.55 words per blurb (blurbs range between 105 and 1,225 words).
A small blurb about the history of the tradition explains: