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Synonyms for bluntness

Synonyms for bluntness

the quality of being direct and outspoken

without sharpness or clearness of edge or point

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Such was the Indian attack's bluntness with the new ball that Harbhajan was brought on as early as the 12th over.
The face of the childhood pony always torqued for coarse sugar--a bluntness to the need, like trying to read someone's lips in a dream.
Much of her earlier fictive work was characterized by a bluntness that worked well to convey outrage--El Saadawi has endured imprisonment, death threats, and exile, among other indignities far beyond what most of us will ever contend with, much of which features prominently in her work--but which made for less-than-graceful narrative art.
In offering the post of White House chief of staff to Mr Emanuel, Mr Obama turned to a fellow Chicago politician with a far different style from his own, a man known for his bluntness as well as his single-minded determination.
It almost cost him friendships, but you need that bluntness and simplicity in an environment where the habit of thinking one thing and saying Jonno in with a shout Blunt Kiwi Henry eventually paid the price another has become the norm.
The story is told primarily from Brian's perspective and the reader will be completely drawn in by his bluntness and his genuine anguish as he spirals deeper out of control.
common relationship problems and how a little bluntness can solve them uncovered.
I've known her since we were at school and I'm used to her bluntness.
With typical Kiwi bluntness along the way, Gatland has also claimed that Welsh players have been too pampered in recent years.
Truman's reputation for directness, even bluntness, has not been linked closely with his record on civil rights.
So said these results, which I believed on first reading, and I began to see connections: For instance, Aries is symbolized by the Ram: bluntness, initiative, and leadership.
In other words, and please excuse my bluntness, but I think the saying about not crapping where you eat lends well in this situation.
But for all his bluntness, there is no doubting that this man of humble beginnings sat atop the colossus that is Newcastle United with a swagger and a passion that could only come from a true fan.
It's Called Work for a Reason: Your Success is Your Own Damn Fault is packed with insights paired with a bluntness which will either open eyes or offend--or both.
Leland also once said, with characteristic bluntness, "The notion of a Christian commonwealth should be exploded forever.