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in a blunt direct manner

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Vincy burst out very bluntly. "It may be for the glory of God, but it is not for the glory of the Middlemarch trade, that Plymdale's house uses those blue and green dyes it gets from the Brassing manufactory; they rot the silk, that's all I know about it.
"Until I see reason to stop, or to turn ag'in," the emigrant bluntly answered, rising at the same time, and cutting short the dialogue by the suddenness of the movement.
What advantage would he get from being a cad, to put it bluntly? I do wish I could make you see it my way.
"You won't get it, Monty, so it's no use whining," Trent said bluntly. "I've given way to you too much already.
Referring to the Indian gross human rights violations in occupied Kashmir, the Foreign Minister said the Indian forces are bluntly victimizing the Kashmiri people in the held valley and New Delhi has broken all records of atrocities.
LAHORE -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Director General Shehzad Saleem on Thursday bluntly slammed those criticizing the institution.
He bluntly pointed out that the discovery of the oil and gas was almost becoming a curse to his district, and if the trend was not reversed, could spell a problem for them and the players in the industry.
He said: "To put it bluntly we need to camp up and gay up the venue.
Summary: The White House Monday bluntly warned Israel that its occupation of Palestinian territories must end, dismissing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's efforts to take back controversial campaign pledges.
"We have entered into dialogue based on certain norms, and through Speaker Nabih Berri, therefore, anyone who wants to get out of this dialogue must do so based on the same norms," he said, assuring that no one has bluntly announced his intention to leave the dialogue table.
Mr Watson was asked bluntly if the region's councils all work well together.
The Deputy Prime Minister also bluntly dismissed Mr Cameron's call for a period of reflection on the controversial plans.
Israelas detractors have been so successful that, to put it bluntly: the term Zionism doesnat poll well.
Car combat is perhaps the best way to describe the concept, this is all about high-octane racing with a huge smattering of heavy artillery and relentless action Multiplayer is - to put it bluntly - utter carnage, a huge amount of fun and has some great modes.
Rochina bluntly refused to attend and organisers had to reveal the snub was down to his current bad mood.