blunt trauma

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injury incurred when the human body hits or is hit by a large outside object (as a car)

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Most of the patients with uROR in our study were involved in blunt trauma. In support of previous reports, we demonstrate that blunt trauma carries a higher risk for mortality compared to penetrating trauma (13-17).
* Large bowel injuries are usually diagnosed intraoperatively in blunt trauma abdomen.
(4) TAWH and evisceration rarely occur after blunt trauma. The prevalence of TAWH that is disruption of the abdominal muscles without disruption of the overlying skin, is 0.2%-1%.
There is a significant difference between the ISS values of penetrating trauma (13.3[+ or -]7.8) and blunt trauma (23.0[+ or -]13.5).
Meltzer, M.D., from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, N.Y., and colleagues conducted a retrospective multicenter cohort study involving data from children aged 6 months to 14 years with blunt trauma who received an emergent CT scan in the first two hours after arrival at the emergency department.
There has been much debate about the utility of screening for cerebrovascular injury in blunt trauma patients.
Bladdery injury occurs due to blunt trauma causing disruption of the bladder and seen in approximately 1.6% of abdominal trauma.
Acute traumatic abdominal wall hernias (TAWHs) are rare but can be potential injuries seen after blunt trauma. First reported in 1906, TAWHs are defined by three criteria: (1) herniation through disrupted musculature and fascia after sufficient trauma, (2) no evidence of skin penetration, and (3) no evidence of a prior hernia defect [1, 2].
(3) Common mechanisms of renal injury, excluding nonaccidental trauma, include blunt trauma by way of recreational vehicles, motor vehicle accidents, sports-related injuries, and falls.
A post-mortem examination had revealed that he died from multiple stab wounds and blunt trauma to the head.
He said the acute kidney injury of Atio 'could be caused by various events' such as severe blunt trauma to the muscles, a failing heart, medicines that were toxic and excreted through the kidneys, artificially prepared food products that were toxic to the kidneys, direct blunt injury to the kidneys or the dying stage itself.
Rectal injuries are caused by a variety of causes, such as stab wounds, gunshot injuries, blunt trauma, and foreign bodies.
A post-mortem examination disclosed that he died from multiple stab wounds and blunt trauma to the head.
The data was collected on age, sex, month-wise distribution of various medico legal cases, weapon inflicting the injury, blunt trauma or physical assault, firearm injuries and road traffic accidents.
We proposed that traumatic diaphragmatic injury should be considered in any patient who has sustained blunt trauma to the lower chest and upper abdomen regions, watchful observation and high index of suspicion are necessary.