blunt trauma

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injury incurred when the human body hits or is hit by a large outside object (as a car)

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In our search of the literature, we could not find any patient with SCI experienced a blunt trauma during transfer from wheelchair to bed while a RE.
Pillar-style suspension systems are superior to those currently being used, and reduce the effects of blunt trauma and blast waves on both the cortex and the cerebellum.
27) Approximately 50% of children with moderate to large amounts of peritoneal fluid as the only finding on CT following blunt trauma have a bowel injury.
The activity of most genes examined--97 percent--reacted the same way to burns and blunt trauma.
Duodenal injuries secondary to blunt trauma can range in severity from an intramural haematoma to a complete transection and devascularization of the duodenum, and are graded 1-5 by the American Association for Surgery of Trauma [2, 5, 6].
Urinary bladder ruptures are typically caused by external trauma, and blunt trauma accounts for 67% to 86% of bladder ruptures.
THE results of a year-long study show the Army's Advanced Combat Helmet outperforms NFL equipment and other helmets when it comes to blunt trauma.
Traumatic injuries, including both penetrating trauma injuries such as bullet and knife wounds and blunt trauma from car accidents and falls, cause the death of over 5 million people each year world-wide.
Eye Institute in the US, assemble ophthalmic surgeons from around the world to discuss the management of ocular trauma in 12 chapters that detail the initial approach, classification and evaluation of ocular injuries and trauma to the anterior and posterior segments, the management of hyphema and blunt trauma, secondary complications to penetrating injuries, repair of corneal lacerations, the surgical approach to intraocular foreign bodies, management of ocular burns, and methods of evaluation and management of orbital trauma.
Miss Egerton said: "The fractures on both sides of the head indicated that she had sustained two episodes of blunt trauma.
The dog was later examined and found to have a bruise on the underside of its chin consistent with a blunt trauma.
Michael Jessop, of Ash Veterinary Practice, Merthyr Tydfil, said the torn liver and chest wall and bruising to both sides would be consistent with a blunt trauma injury.
Scottish SPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn said: "A post mortem revealed that this poor dog had been killed by a blunt trauma.
Possible reasons for the link between domestic violence and poor birth outcomes include the role of blunt trauma to the fetus, elevated levels of maternal stress, poor physical health of the mother from violence and the deterrent effect of violence on maternal health care-seeking behaviour.