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Additionally, the atraumatic curved tip can be used for blunt dissection and to manipulate tissues while positioning the reload before firing.
In another study, Akural et al compared harmonic scalpel tonsillectomy with blunt dissection tonsillectomy in terms of subjective postoperative pain in 32 patients.
You can clear a lot off with blunt dissection," he said.
Not only does this groundbreaking technology prepare the vessel to be harvested, but in effect it protects the vessel from undue damage caused by blunt dissection and excessive manipulation.
Conventional techniques, including sharp and blunt dissection, are associated with bleeding, limited visualization of nearby vessels and nerves, and substantial postoperative edema.
Kovac advocated a particular method of entering the peritoneum using sharp dissection rather than the more common blunt dissection into the vesicocervical (or adventitial) space, which separates the lower uterine segment from the bladder.
GSI's patented Spacemaker balloon dissection systems rapidly and atraumatically create surgical working spaces by separating natural tissue planes without resorting to blunt dissection used in conventional open surgery or minimally invasive surgery conducted outside of a natural body cavity.
Designed to compete with ultrasonic and bipolar cutting forceps, the Plasma Forceps allows the surgeon to grasp, perform blunt dissection, cut through vessels and tissue, and coagulate vessels using a single instrument.
Laser tonsillectomy, ultrasonic surgical aspiration, microsurgery, diathermy, and conventional blunt dissection all have their advantages.
Since the one instrument has many different functions--cutting, coagulation, grasping, hemostasis, blunt dissection, and undermining--it eliminates the need to constantly change instruments.
Delicate blunt dissection was used to separate the mass from the underlying lamina propria of the vocal fold.
Various tonsillectomy techniques described over the years include guillotine excision, blunt dissection, bipolar diathermy dissection, laser dissection, and the bipolar scissor technique.
Blunt dissection of the floor of mouth expressed murky fluid, which was sent for culture.
The mass was easily detached and removed from the surrounding tissues by blunt dissection.
The mass was excised through a horizontal incision on the ventral surface of the tongue, after which a blunt dissection was used to expose the encapsulated midline cystic lesion, which proved to have a posterior tract.