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Synonyms for blunderer

a clumsy person

Synonyms for blunderer

someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

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The first novel she read by the author was 'The Blunderer,' when she was a student.
Take Lucas Beauchamp as an example: he spirals down into greater racial hardship and legal subjugation than ever after he is arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder and is thereby a fatal and impudent blunderer.
Adapting acclaimed suspense author Patricia Highsmith's 1954 novel "The Blunderer," director Andy Goddard and screenwriter Susan Boyd chart the doom that befalls two men whose spouses, in quick succession, turn up dead at the same out-of-the-way Northeast rest stop.
From the inside, the Hellenistic character of Catholic Christianity is no problem: the Holy Ghost, presumably, is not quite the farcical blunderer liberal theologians like to imagine.
Applying the rack and thumbscrew, he variously exclaimed: "works of this sort are little better than interruptions to our studies"; they are "a long record of conjectures which dishonour the human intellect"; "all the tools he uses are two-edged, though to be sure both edges are quite blunt" Housman continued his massacre with: "he was a born blunderer, marked cross from the womb and perverse"; "in his corruptions and misinterpretations of the text he seems to stick at no falsehood and no absurdity which the pen will consent to trace on paper"; he discharged "bucketfuls of falsehood .
In an interview with Fox News Radio, Paul attacked Cruz as a blunderer who'd "chosen to make this really personal and chosen to call people dishonest in leadership and call them names, which really goes against the decorum and also against the rules of the Senate.
109) As far as money damages are concerned, the Constitution is a hazard only for the blunderer and the fool.
Since the publication of Lockhart's life Ballantyne has been seen either as business blunderer or as victim of Scott's impractical ambition; Jane's article is a powerful corrective.
Earl Rovit generalizes that the hero of Bellows novels is "a consciously quixotic blunderer who is designed to evoke his own and our laughter in his frantic efforts to avoid or absorb his own pain" (40).
For every breakthrough, a blunder, and for every genius, a blunderer.
Clearly, while his supporters label Rahul Gandhi a pappu, Modi increasingly seems no less a blunderer but while Rahul might get away with his errors on grounds of inexperience, Modi clearly has no excuse for a lack of history geography and even the culture and ethos of the different kinds of people in this country.
We were anxious to adopt new narratives; to not paint Anna Jones as a hero or a blunderer.
The gaffe was just the latest in a growing catalogue that was fast earning Barack Obama's multimillionaire rival a reputation as a great blunderer.
it satirizes his youthful need to imitate rather than innovate; his inexperience of the forms and terms of poetry; and his competitiveness with others of his generation, but mostly Woolf laughs at the soullessness of his composition; rather than the poem being a work of art, she represents Julian as a thoughtless and immature blunderer in the world of words.
I must confess that my own temperament was such that it was hardly fit for purpose--not that I was an Oliver Goldsmith, who was such a blunderer that he was urged to treat his enemies rather than his patients.