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a short musket of wide bore with a flared muzzle

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At that, I made sure the man started, for I heard the blunderbuss rattle on the window-sill; and it was after quite a long pause, and with a curious change of voice, that the next question followed:
"All right!" I cried; "you're a greedy, cowardly, old idiot, and I'll just save my money." And out I marched into the moonlight, very briskly, towards the lane; he was so quick to follow me that I had no fears of the blunderbuss, but quickened my step, and soon had him running at my heels.
To this the novice made rejoinder, that he would take the vow, though it should choke him; and it was accordingly administered with many impressive circumstances, among which the lighting up of the two skulls with a candle-end inside of each, and a great many flourishes with the bone, were chiefly conspicuous; not to mention a variety of grave exercises with the blunderbuss and sabre, and some dismal groaning by unseen 'prentices without.
"And pray," asked Franz, "where are these pistols, blunderbusses, and other deadly weapons with which you intend filling the carriage?"
This scenario works with a modest little farce, but with a big-budget blockbuster that has been given such a trite and patronising storyline, each blunderbuss point hits you over the head like a luke-warm flannel.
Aiming lower than Ron Burgundy's Anchorman antics, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis play crude congressional opponents in a blunderbuss farce.
Quite simply Blunderbuss rips through the current charts with a guitar-shaped hole.
T HE case of senior occupational therapist Heather Bullen and her Afghanistan-born husband, Shah Wali Mohmend, is a graphic demonstration of the blunderbuss approach of the Home Office to applications for political asylum in the UK.
Tim, who works for the Mobilefone Group at its National Service Hub in Coleshill, is the drummer in a band called Blunderbuss - first to perform - and the bass player in J 60, which closed the show.
His debut Blunderbuss, released in 2012, reached No 1 in the UK album chart and featured singles Love Interruption and Sixteen Saltines.
TUESDAY, BBC2, 10PM Later Live with Jools Holland Ex-White Stripes frontman Jack White is on tonight playing tracks from his solo debut Blunderbuss. Alabama Shakes will also feature.
Or have head teachers and the staff under their control simply reached the ends of their tethers, and reached for the blunderbuss?
A military percussion blunderbuss from the early 19th Century made pounds 570 and a Webley and Scott double barrelled 12-bore shotgun made pounds 560, The sale also included a good toy section.
This idea is a blunderbuss, a sledgehammer, which will in fact penalise a large number of young people who are not involved in trouble.
Lazaretto Two years on from his chartsmashing debut solo album Blunderbuss, The White Stripes maestro is on abundant and incisive form.