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a short musket of wide bore with a flared muzzle

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I have done some research over the years and discovered that it could be considered a blunderbuss or maybe a musketoon.
Blundering Mr Hunt's fibs and smears have made things worse, not better, and he has a blunderbuss approach to negotiations that went out in the 19th century.
If it were up to me, I'd be tempted to reach for the blunderbuss and dish out a bit of zero-tolerance to the blighters.
In days of yore, shotguns were preferred for home defense because they had been the traditional option since the first Pilgrim set a blunderbuss in the corner of his newly built cabin.
The imposition of arbitrary time limits like those proposed is taking a blunderbuss to a mouse-sized problem.
95, 272 pages, ISBN 9780761180340), Mara Grunbaum presents her hypotheses on why Evolution, personified as a well-meaning blunderbuss, made some of Earth's most bizarre creatures.
JACK WHITE - LAZARETTO THERE was a worry after the underwhelming Blunderbuss, Jack White's debut solo album in 2012, that the prolific artist had become a little dull when he finally struck out on his own.
I was lead vocalist of rock duo The White Stripes, and released my debut solo album, Blunderbuss, in 2012.
Admirable though these achievements might be, I feel they are completely negated by the blunderbuss carnage proposed for the Meadows.
Leasing of fourteen (14) vehicles with snow remover functions and other equipment like blunderbuss, for a period of 48 months.
The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee should grant DeFazio's and Campbell's long-standing calls for review and take an unflinching look not only at allegations of animal abuse, but also the agency's overall operations and spending, and its blunderbuss predator control methods.
Adewale gained his mastery in using a machete in one hand and blunderbuss in the other.
Three, by making this sudden demand and in such a blunderbuss manner, New Delhi is helping to undermine the WTO - an organization already suffering from almost as much paralysis as the Manmohan Singh government.
After all, the possession and carrying of such weapons are a matter of choice for recreational or criminal activities and are not listed among such arms used by the militia (unlike such short-barreled shotguns as the blunderbuss, as used by those involved in our first American Revolution).