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of the color intermediate between green and violet


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Symptoms: headache, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, blurriness, muscle cramps, hypotension, blood-stained urine, vomiting associated with mouth bleeding, bluishness, endodermal bleeding and sudden coma.
Its whiteness was peculiar-it had a faint suggestion of bluishness to it, as if a very tiny amount of that mysterious stuff we used to brighten our whites, "Delstree Blue", had been applied to the whitening process.
A late sign is cyanosis (a bluishness tint to the skin).
Duthie's work now indicates that these stress attacks -- characterized by a rapid heartbeat, hyperventilation, localized areas of bluishness on the skin and an ultimately fatal 1[deg.]C increase every five minutes in body temperature -- result from an unusual sensitivity to oxidative reactions.