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Synonyms for bluish-purple

of purple tinged with blue


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in Colombia (GAMEZ et al., 1983a), which is characterized by the presence of bluish-purple pigment in asymptomatic animals that also disappears after tissue processing for histology.
O/U, and, perhaps the highlight of the trip, a bluish-purple anodized .25 ACP Remington style derringer.
The delicate bluish-purple flower grows only in Caithness, Sutherland and Orkney.
Low blood oxygen leads to cyanosis, a bluish-purple colour to the skin and shortness of breath.
In the eerie bluish-purple depths of an Antarctic lake, scientists have discovered otherworldly mounds that tell tales of the planet's early days.
48-52 x 7-8 mm), and by the petals with bluish-purple apex (vs.
Achromats, the most inexpensive models, produce a bluish-purple halo of unfocused light around bright subjects such as the Moon and planets.
* Lachesis (Bushmaster snake): Bluish-purple or black boil filled with pus.
The lowest concentration of the extract at which the presence of antioxidant is detected was recorded as the highest dilution at which the formation of bluish-purple colouration disappears.
A previously described bluish-purple (B-type) shell color was found in one of the putative oo x oG crosses, suggesting that the B-type may be a recessive allele belonging to the same locus.
It features a bluish-purple horse grazing in a bed of giant red porcelain roses, mounted by a golden-haired boy-child drinking in the beauty of nature.
The paper surrounding the message should turn bluish-purple and the message should be clear to read.
Then there was Edward Hopper's majestic lighthouse, a white tower clad in a golden-yellowish light, completed by a steel bluish-purple shadow applied with the clarity of an eclipse.