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of grey tinged with blue

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The deposits belonging to the lower part of the Burtnieki Regional Stage comprise pinky-yellow or brownish, fine- to coarse-grained, cross-bedded sandstones containing clay balls with interlayers of bluish-grey or yellow siltstones, mudstones and clays.
The deposits of the Burtnieki Regional Stage include yellow-grey, fine- to medium-grained, commonly weakly cemented, micaceous-quartz sandstones with interlayers of yellowish-grey and bluish-grey clays and siltstones (Ivanov et al.
Your child's face has a bluish-grey color for more than a second or two.
An increased bluish-grey discolouration of skin was observed following methylene blue treatment and lasted for three days.
The most common are cafe-au-lait spots - coffee-coloured marks found anywhere on the body - moles and bluish-grey Mongolian spots.
Standing five-feet tall with a wingspan of six feet, brolgas sport light bluish-grey body plumage with contrasting red to orange face, cheeks and throat, and are renowned for their dancing ability, featuring bowing, running, jumping, stick-tossing and wing flapping.
In both cases, the multi-optional storage wall -- formed, like the south elevation and the swinging partition, of bluish-grey marine plywood -- defines the spaces and even contains the retractable bed.
IF you like bluish-grey needles, which are also less inclined to drop, choose the Noble fir.
The little pests have a bluish-grey body and a yellow-brown, translucent shell.
Variably siliceous, bluish-grey weathering, fine-grained clastic rocks of the Middle to Late Devonian 'Gunsteel formation' host a sheet-like body of laminated to massive pyrite and barite, with local finely laminated bands of sphalerite and galena, that has a strike length of 1,600 meters, a dip extent of at least 800 meters and a true width of up to 30 meters.
The Velise Formation is dominated by grey, bluish-grey, and greenish-grey argillaceous to calcareous, often bioturbated, marlstones, with rare thin interbeds of argillaceous limestone, sometimes rich in bioclastic material.
But for a fee, dance fans or anyone else can have one of the bluish-grey bricks specially inscribed as a permanent memento to go on public view in one of the internal walls.