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Synonyms for bluish-grey

of grey tinged with blue

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The deposits belonging to the lower part of the Burtnieki Regional Stage comprise pinky-yellow or brownish, fine- to coarse-grained, cross-bedded sandstones containing clay balls with interlayers of bluish-grey or yellow siltstones, mudstones and clays.
The deposits of the Burtnieki Regional Stage include yellow-grey, fine- to medium-grained, commonly weakly cemented, micaceous-quartz sandstones with interlayers of yellowish-grey and bluish-grey clays and siltstones (Ivanov et al.
* Your child's face has a bluish-grey color for more than a second or two.
An increased bluish-grey discolouration of skin was observed following methylene blue treatment and lasted for three days.
The most common are cafe-au-lait spots - coffee-coloured marks found anywhere on the body - moles and bluish-grey Mongolian spots.
Standing five-feet tall with a wingspan of six feet, brolgas sport light bluish-grey body plumage with contrasting red to orange face, cheeks and throat, and are renowned for their dancing ability, featuring bowing, running, jumping, stick-tossing and wing flapping.
In both cases, the multi-optional storage wall -- formed, like the south elevation and the swinging partition, of bluish-grey marine plywood -- defines the spaces and even contains the retractable bed.
The little pests have a bluish-grey body and a yellow-brown, translucent shell.
The bright deserts appeared "pale orange like what you might find at the junction of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream." Although the dark markings looked "bluish-grey" at the eyepiece, he subsequently found that, in "a textbook display of simultaneous contrast," they could be very realistically depicted in an acrylic painting using only pigments on the warm (reddish brown) side of neutral.
Besides the white, which dyes very well, other colors include light grey, grey, emsket (dusky bluish-grey), shaela (dark steely-grey resembling black frost), musket (pale greyish-brown), fawn, moorit (shades between fawn and dark reddish-brown), mioget (light moorit), dark brown and pure black.
The Velise Formation is dominated by grey, bluish-grey, and greenish-grey argillaceous to calcareous, often bioturbated, marlstones, with rare thin interbeds of argillaceous limestone, sometimes rich in bioclastic material.
But for a fee, dance fans or anyone else can have one of the bluish-grey bricks specially inscribed as a permanent memento to go on public view in one of the internal walls.
-IF you like bluish-grey needles, which are also less inclined to drop, choose the Noble fir.