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Synonyms for bluish-gray

of grey tinged with blue

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Until New Towns' initiative, the bluish-gray wood had been put to creative if limited use in the making of furniture, picture frames and even caskets.
1 To swell or puff out (7); 2 Bluish-gray metal (4).
She also grows vegetables and enjoys photographing visitors in her butterfly garden and a newly installed bird garden, with its birdbath, feeders and colorful plants such as Heliotrope, yarrow and bluish-gray Artemisia.
Adult males are one-quarter inch long with tan-cream color wings, bluish-gray blotches, and brown and black markings.
To my eye the field star appears slightly yellow, while the nebula is bluish-gray.
Long-term use of silver-containing products is associated with a permanent bluish-gray discoloration of the skin known as argyria, but they remain widely available despite several measures by the FDA to regulate them.
In its pure form, the mystery element is a pale, bluish-gray metal--the fourth most commonly used metal in the world.
Even at midday, the arctic winter sun cast a weak, bluish-gray light; by about 3 p.
Lead is a naturally occurring, bluish-gray metal found in small amounts in the earth's crust.
Anoto paper looks like most other lined paper except with a slightly bluish-gray cast.
We were left with a tight, largely persuasive production played out on Robert Jones' uncluttered set: four Doric columns giving the illusion of supporting the second gallery's musicians' balcony; bluish-gray floor planking, and, center-stage, a rust-red grate-cum-trap, its color visually rhyming with Sejanus' Praetorian tunic and underlining both his low birth and bloody career.
Production design and lensing keep to bluish-gray color scheme that goes far toward creating a cool, Scandinavian flavor but gets a bit boring eventually.
Bluish-gray hyperpigmentation has now been reported in 11 patients taking the tricyclic antidepressant imipramine, Andrei Metelitsa, M.
His case involved that of a 45-year-old woman with multiple bluish-gray macules on the cheeks and forehead and around the eyes, with sparing of the nose, upper lip, and chin.