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Synonyms for bluish-gray

of grey tinged with blue

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The classical characteristics, all seen in the patient in whom we performed dermoscopy, are a brown to black central pore corresponding to the posterior part of the parasite, a white halo corresponding to the enlarged abdomen of the parasite, and peripheral bluish-gray areas corresponding to the parasite exoskeleton (8, 9).
But in that case, it's a small-enough amount that you don't smell it, or see the telltale bluish-gray smoke.
In Koi, Butterly's vessel sat on a bluish-gray footed base, while its bumpy surface was covered in bands of glossy mustard-yellow and mossy-green glaze.
A second man may have been involved in the assault, and Long may be associated with a blue or bluish-gray Oldsmobile Intrigue that was seen Monday evening in the Creswell area.
The bluish-gray and white hues used to depict the figures bring a chilly morbidity to the work.
Additionally, denoting a battle-hardened character to the timepiece is the bluish-gray tint of the natural tantalum and the registration number etched on the sapphire crystal of the UR-110 TTH at 8 o'clock.
Until New Towns' initiative, the bluish-gray wood had been put to creative if limited use in the making of furniture, picture frames and even caskets.
1 To swell or puff out (7); 2 Bluish-gray metal (4).
Adult males are one-quarter inch long with tan-cream color wings, bluish-gray blotches, and brown and black markings.
To my eye the field star appears slightly yellow, while the nebula is bluish-gray. At 200x the Eskimo remains circular and lacks facial features, except for the central star that marks the Eskimo's nose.
Back then, the majority of the stone quarried was actually blue or bluish-gray. Today, the term "bluestone" is used to describe stone that consists of evenly layered sandstones that split easily into thin, smooth slabs.
Long-term use of silver-containing products is associated with a permanent bluish-gray discoloration of the skin known as argyria, but they remain widely available despite several measures by the FDA to regulate them.
In its pure form, the mystery element is a pale, bluish-gray metal--the fourth most commonly used metal in the world.
Even at midday, the arctic winter sun cast a weak, bluish-gray light; by about 3 p.m., it would be fully dark again.The dogs pulled the sled at about 20 mph, with no sound save for the sled's skis gliding over crusty snow.
Lead is a naturally occurring, bluish-gray metal found in small amounts in the earth's crust.