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Synonyms for bluish-gray

of grey tinged with blue

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If the edges of the grass blades start to curl and take on a dull bluish-gray color, water the lawn immediately.
Long-term use of silver-containing products is associated with a permanent bluish-gray discoloration of the skin known as argyria, but they remain widely available despite several measures by the FDA to regulate them.
In its pure form, the mystery element is a pale, bluish-gray metal--the fourth most commonly used metal in the world.
Even at midday, the arctic winter sun cast a weak, bluish-gray light; by about 3 p.
Anoto paper looks like most other lined paper except with a slightly bluish-gray cast.
Bluish-gray hyperpigmentation has now been reported in 11 patients taking the tricyclic antidepressant imipramine, Dr.
Their bites raise pale, bluish-gray blotches on the skin, which may be mildly or intensely itchy.
They are Purple Twilight, a modern design in chic purple with strong visual and textural elements and a full- coverage salad plate; Palero, a more traditional, classical design featuring bluish-gray diamonds and a bolder accent plate in dark gray; and Zabrina, an art deco motif in subdued pastels of lemon and the palest blue.
The 6-hour spin cycle of a bluish-gray ball of ice at the fringe of the solar system may hold clues to early planet formation.
His eyes are big, bluish-gray and cool and he has white lashes.
1A) has six dorsal stripes with colors grading from cream anteriad to tan posteriad, a partial tan vertebral (seventh) stripe extending from the occipital region to one-sixth the length of the trunk, cream-beige spots in the upper lateral and dorsolateral fields, bluish-brown dorsal surfaces of the hind limbs and tail, bluish-gray ventral surfaces of the throat, abdomen and distal one-half of the tail, 88 granules around midbody, 209 granules from occiput to rump, five granules separating the paravertebral stripes, 5.
The skin turns bluish-gray, muscles are rigid, breathing is shallow, and the pulse is weak.
When dried, kernels are ground into a coarse, bluish-gray meal called blue cornmeal or harina para tortillas; it's about as attractive as powdered concrete.
Dix's Dixshinohikigui2, a mottled bluish-gray cup provided an atmospheric counterpoint to his pouring vessel.