bluish green

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Synonyms for bluish green

a blue-green color or pigment

of a bluish shade of green

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Copper ore, when submerged in water, becomes acidic giving off the bluish green color, he said.
Philocleon is larger than Phaulotettix, the pronotum morerobust, gibbous; males are intense green, some species with tinges of yellow on head, pronotum lobes, sides of abdomen and lower margin of hind femora, postocular band intense brown extending on sides of abdomen; females intense green or brown, postocular band dark brown extending on abdomen sides; wings narrower than in Phaulotettix; knees are black in both sexes; hind tibiae bluish green, tarsi brownish; some Philocleon spp.
Bachand and his team seem to have found evidence that Chiapa de Corzo was an emerging capital as the Olmec civilization was on its way out - a bluish green jade ceremonial axe, perhaps of Olmec origin, at the base of the pyramid.
If you've got the correct fuel going to the engine, the fuel in the filter will be a bluish green.
It was bluish green, and it was there, together with "vermilion" and "sepia" and "gamboge" in the standard paint boxes that so many of us had as children.
Thick, pale bluish green beryl crystals have been found adjacent to the quartz cores, but never any spodumene.
2 m (4 ft) in height with very prickly and bristly canes bearing small bluish green compound leaves consisting of 5 to 11 leaflets.
Blades narrow, curled, bristlelike, prominent veins on upper surface (1) Rhizomes present; culms reddish Red fescue at base; ligule membranous and medium-short; blades smooth (2) Rhizomes absent (a) Leaves bluish green, 0.
On the evening of May 26th, he captured a diminutive bluish green haze on his photos.
Florets that are dark green, purplish or bluish green contain more beta-carotene and vitamin C than lighter green tops.
This explains why the paintings of the Romanian painters had fewer variations from true green to bluish green and were less severely degraded to brown color than those mentioned previously.
Letts is at her best when describing the coastal scenery ("The hillsides were variegated, some fields of tall grass scattered profusely with goldenrod, others a harmonious blend of dense low-lying chaparral, bluish green to grey, like a natural patchwork") as well as in flashbacks to Clara's developing relationship with the brilliantly-drawn Gordon ("I was drowning in him, plunging somewhere deep and fast--on that same speedy trajectory that a car would take when the land beneath it disappeared, or an icy airplane that decided to drop from the sky").
DCC 4407 (pigment green 7) is a bluish green pigment designed for solvent-and water-based coating applications.