bluish black

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of black tinged with blue


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Moreover, when ferrochromium fly ash was used (P4FA) instead of pure chrome oxide in the pigment system it gave bluish black color (Figure 4).
Blood that passes through large veins close to the surface shows through the skin producing an accentuated bluish black tint when one is tired or pale during menstruation and the later part of pregnancy.
All dogs except the Chow have a pink tongue, the Chow's tongue is bluish black.
From a safe distance, the nine-by-twelve-foot monochrome expanse of bluish black might be mistaken for a branch off Serra's tree; but up close, it turns out to be a carpet formed by a nightmare infinity of dead flies, preserved for eternity as our civilization's hideous tombstone.
QMY roses seem to be throwing down discoloured leaves which have gone yellow with the odd bluish black blotch.
The heartwood is very dark, ranging in color from a dark purple, to bluish black to dark brown.
Black blow fly, 1/3 inch long, bluish black,hairy; loves chicken coops.
The bluish black color exclusive to this product makes the tattoo look like the real thing