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of the color intermediate between green and violet


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He was clothed in bluish cloth, and was of a copper-coloured hue, with black hair.
Then I thought that the man I had just seen had been clothed in bluish cloth, had not been naked as a savage would have been; and I tried to persuade myself from that fact that he was after all probably a peaceful character, that the dull ferocity of his countenance belied him.
I thought of the bluish tinge which I had noticed in her complexion.
This milk was very sweet and good, and a beautiful transparent bluish tint; but in order to get cream from it in the most economical way, a peculiar process was necessary.
I remarked, among others, some germons, a species of mackerel as large as a tunny, with bluish sides, and striped with transverse bands, that disappear with the animal's life.
The young girl no longer breathed, no breath issued through the half-closed teeth; the white lips no longer quivered -- the eyes were suffused with a bluish vapor, and the long black lashes rested on a cheek white as wax.
Some approached pure blanching; some had a bluish pallor; some worn by the older characters (which had possibly lain by folded for many a year) inclined to a cadaverous tint, and to a Georgian style.
The Cathedral six or seven miles behind us; vast, dreamy, bluish, snow-clad mountains twenty miles in front of us,--these were the accented points in the scenery.
He locked and unlocked his hands over the grate and spread his fingers close to the bluish flame, while the coals crackled and the clock ticked and a street vendor began to call under the window.
ANY child who: | Is breathing very fast | Has a 'fit' or convulsion | Looks mottled, bluish, or pale | Has a rash that does not fade when you press it | Is very lethargic or difficult to wake | Feels abnormally cold to touch Might have sepsis.
In young children look for mottled or bluish skin, lethargy or hard to wake, extreme cold, breathing too fast, a rash that stays when pressed, or convulsing.
These usually happen once every two or three years and actually give the moon a bluish hue.
Bruises are bluish or purplecoloured patches that appear because tiny blood vessels beneath the skin burst and leak blood into the soft tissue.
Which shrub is cultivated for its leaves used as a culinary herb and the oil extracted from its bluish flowers?
The emission of light that casts a bluish, dim glow on your subject?