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Synonyms for bluffly

in a blunt direct manner

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It is also highly chromatic, a quality which heightens the sadness, despair, hopelessness or whatever other affect one hears in this sharply falling melody(95) as well as suggesting a tonal disorientation which stands in vivid contrast to the bluffly triadic and rather Brahmsian theme of Golaud.
Much of this is familiar: Trollope's bluffly aggressive exterior; the concealed kindliness and affection; his susceptibility to vivacious young women like the American Kate Field, and to his own women characters, like Kate Woodward in The Three Clerks, of whom he said in the Autobiography 'I had not the heart to kill her', remarking of her eventual union with her lover: 'I do not doubt but that they are living happily together to this day.' This comment points to the mimetic realism, both of people and place, on which Trollope's novels are founded, and is almost certainly one of the chief reasons for Trollope's being considered 'old-fashioned' by many critics towards the end of his long writing career.
Like Louisa who becomes limp and hypersensitive after her accident--her brother bluffly compares her jerky movements to those of a dabchick--Gulnare falls prey to spells of fear that leave her 'faint and meek', and her loss of nerve proves infectious:
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