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a viral disease of sheep and cattle that is transmitted by biting midges

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"Bringing in a disease like bluetongue into the UK would have severe consequences on the health and welfare of our livestock," said the statement.
A statement from organisations including National Farmers' Union, the British Veterinary Association, the National Sheep Association and the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers, said: "Bringing in diseases into the UK such as Bluetongue would have severe consequences on the health and welfare of our livestock, which can result in widespread movement restrictions and costly surveillance testing.
Bluetongue is a virus spread by insects which affects animals such as cattle, goats, deer and sheep.
Bluetongue virus (BTV) caused infection is a commonly defined among cattle and wild ruminants all over the world and characterized with depression diarrhea and temporary leucopenia (Howert et al.
Bluetongue was first described in the late 19th century among sheep brought from Europe to South Africa, and later in North America in [approximately equal to]1950 (4).
FUW president Gareth Vaughan said: "I understand the last confirmed case of bluetongue in GB was in 2008 and the results of surveillance carried out in November 2010 show there is no evidence of bluetongue virus circulation in GB.
Welsh environment minister John Griffiths yesterday confirmed the restrictions, which have been in place since the 2007 bluetongue outbreak, will end on July 5.
Bluetongue is a disease of ruminant livestock that affects mucous membranes in the oral cavity, digestive tract and hooves.
The disease was detected during post-import testing carried out by Defra on bluetongue susceptible animals arriving from abroad.
Now members of the Joint Campaign Against Bluetongue (Jab) have issued a reminder to farmers to contact their vets and vaccinate as there is a real threat of bluetongue re-emerging.
FARMERS in Merseyside will be able to vaccinate their livestock against the insect-borne viral disease, Bluetongue.
THE bluetongue protection zone has been extended after a new case of the animal disease was confirmed in Hampshire.
SCOTLAND'S first case of deadly bluetongue disease was last night found in a herd of cattle imported from Germany.
Bluetongue affects sheep, cattle, deer, goats and camelids - camels, llamas, alpacas, guanaco and vicuna.