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a very fast American hound

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Sadie, my treeing Walker, and June, Mark's Bluetick, were out of hearing range before we had our packs loaded.
That morning he walked the junkyard under a sun pale and flat as a nickel, the bluetick sniffing at his heels.
Larry let loose his two favorite hounds, a Plott named Rowdy and a bluetick named Drifter.
After waiting 20 minutes for legal shooting light--a requirement for turning dogs out in Montana--we walked to the back of the truck for Robbie, John's bluetick, and Sadie, my walker.
Darwin is a Bluetick Coonhound who is about 4 years old and weighs 50 pounds.
Hope more blueticked accounts remind her what being a Goodwill Ambassador actually means.
Tobacco is as much a part of the Old South as bourbon and blueticks.
They were redbones, blueticks, Walkers, and bloodhounds.
Some of the breeds of dogs used for raccoon hunting are Blueticks, Redbones, Black and Tans, and Beagles, although other breeds can do the job.