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songbird of northern Europe and Asia

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Together with previous studies of bluethroats demonstrating higher reproductive performances of older males, in part due to higher feeding rates of older males (Smiseth et al.
Our result provides a possibility of re-evaluating the issue of assortative mating and differential allocation in bluethroats.
In conclusion, our results shows that age affects breeding performance in bluethroats. Older males arrive earlier, have higher probability of being a territory holder, have larger clutches, and more hatchlings.
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The bluethroat is a dimorphic passerine where males have a distinctive throat patch which is displayed to males in a male-male competition and also to females, which are less colourful than males, during courtship display (Peiponen 1960, Andersson & Amundsen 1997).
2003: Ecological constraints on extra-pair paternity in the bluethroat. Oecologia 136: 476-483.