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songbird of northern Europe and Asia

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2003: Ecological constraints on extra-pair paternity in the bluethroat. Oecologia 136: 476-483.
Friday on Bardsey began with a Blyth's Reed Warbler, only the fifth ever recorded in Wales, quickly followed by the discovery of a smart male White-spotted Bluethroat, the first of this form to be confirmed in North Wales.
The bluethroat, finest songbird and virtuoso, sits to compose its lovely melody.
What a purple patch the area had with a bluethroat (bronlas) found at Leasowe, Wirral, followed by a nightingale (eos) on Hilbre.
Another example of Old World bird species that have spread from Asia to North America, along with the northern wheatear and arctic warbler mentioned on page 43, is the bluethroat, which is well established as a breeding bird in northwestern Alaska.
An osprey was near Caerhun, a great white egret was again near Criccieth, and a female bluethroat was at Uwchmynydd.
The common names of the 38 bird species listed (from top to bottom) are European robin, thrush nightingale, bluethroat, song thrush, redwing thrush, blackbird, fieldfare, starling, dunnock, tree pipit, skylark, chaffinch, redpoll, siskin, bull finch, green finch, linnet, scarlet rosefinch, reed bunting, wren, marsh warbler, sparrow hawk, red-backed shrike, great spotted woodpecker, icterine warbler, blackcap, garden warbler, lesser whitethroat, barred warbler, wood warbler, willow warbler, goldcrest, great tit, blue tit, tree creeper, redstart, whitethroat, and reed warbler.
The mountain (Siberian) accentor (Prunella montanella), bluethroat (Luscinia svecica), dusky thrush (Turdus naumanni eunomus), willow warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus), and little bunting (Emberiza pusilla) were not found breeding by Laboutin et al.
A bluethroat at the Wildlife Trust's Cemlyn Bay was the highlight of last weekend, though hard to spot among the scrub.