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Synonyms for blues

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Synonyms for blues

a type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century

a state of depression

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The post It's a bluesy kind of festival appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Combining classic rock, bluesy guitars and youthful energy, The Strypes have cross-generation appeal.
* BARE PHUT are a bluesy rock ''n'' roll outfit who are earning quite a reputation around the area.
In between, I was so moved by the youthful expertise of the Torfaen County Big Band with Fusion, (Gospel choir), led by the lovely Bluesy Susie, that, if I could, I would have embraced the whole of the band.
Opener Rolling In The Deep, a driving garage soul number, finds her powerful bluesy vocals warming the soul.
Here he takes his reconvened Band Of Joy back on the road for some bluesy rock 'n' roll, thereby keeping any further Led Zep reunion rumours at bay.
The crowd made good use of the low ceiling to add percussion to the surf/rock of The Legend Of John The Terror and the bluesy swagger of The Changeover.
Sounding totally "proto" metal, but in the current day, is kinda hard to ash eve Their use of keys s prominent--the bluesy monster riffs sound like they were on an archeological dig finding their Doom Ancestors.
Farther from shore as piano notes drift Through these bluesy summer
With bluesy melodies that simply rattle along and a touch of the harmonica, they've got a distinctive sound that's well worth a listen.
The album opens with a slow, dark, bluesy version of the tide track, which is quickly followed by an almost lugubrious rendition of "Hey, Love"--a version that makes him sound somewhat like a very tired Billy Eckstine.
Hall has also distinguished himself in Christopher Wheeldon's Polyphonia, and he captured the essence of the bluesy central pas de deux in Robbins' N.Y.
Formed in 1989, Thunder's trademark sound is a bluesy metal with twin guitars and solid riffs.
But it's the gays, who know a thing or two about a plague, who score the highest marks: Rufus Wainwright pays homage to the death of the firstborn with "Katonah," a bluesy elegy in three-quarter time, while Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields gets his Depeche Mode on for "The Meaning of Lice," a lo-fi synthpop romp of mechanized hand claps, monophonic melodies, and hilarious rhymes.
With her signature sensuous, velvety vocals, CASSANDRA WILSON delivers another masterful set of bluesy jazz with Thunderbird (Blue Note).