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a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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Like Schellenberg's Bluestocking readers, the Australian women Howie studied in the mid-1990s developed awareness of both self and other through shared reading, allowing the author to assert that book groups develop "relational ways of being" among their members and support "subjects-in-process" whose shared reading leads to "shifting self-knowledges" (141).
The exhibition participants at the National Portrait Gallery in London in 2008 attempted to portray visually in miniature 35 years of academic scholarship on the Bluestocking Circle.
Montagu was known as the "queen of the bluestocking circle," an informal group of educated, intellectual women (including Fanny Burney, Elizabeth Carter, Sarah Fielding, and Mary Wollstonecraft), whose meetings were attended by some of the leading male intellects of England, such as Samuel Johnson, James Boswell, Horace Walpole, and Edmund Burke.
As a member of the renowned 18th-century London literary society/intellectual think-tank the Bluestocking Circle, Talbot herself lived to enjoy life, to pursue knowledge, and to create "high" literature.
Bibliophiles will be in danger of whiling away the entire afternoon at either Bluestocking Books (3817 Fifth Ave.
The Bluestocking Circle: Women, Friendship, and the Life of the Mind in Eighteenth-Century England.
To be independent, a bluestocking, and a suffragist like Eva is to become ossified in bitterness" (p.
The lashing of Australia is another chapter in a continuing psychodrama which has seen Greer move from the advocacy of sexual liberation in her youth to a bluestocking puritanism later on, from a type of radical leftism to a petitioning of the establishment--the move each time, like the Pope, from one state of infallibility to another.
Along with solving the murder mystery, Sayers is equally interested in solving the mystery of how Peter, the idiosyncratic aristocrat, and Harriet, the Oxford bluestocking, blend their lives.
JERRY ta2 = perjury JERRY ta3 = joyrider LEIBER tp = belier LEIBER ta1 = beliers, febrile, libeler LEIBER ta2 = believer, bluesier, reliable MIKE ta1= kelim, talked, minke MIKE ta2 = kinema, kismet, milked STOLLER tp = toilers STOLLER ta1 = pollster, strolled, trolleys STOLLER ta2 = forestall, polluters, steamroll HILL AND RANGE td2 = rehandling HILL RANGE ta2 = bethralling, enthralling ABERBACH ta4 = hardscrabble, unbreachable FREDDY ta2 = defrayed BIENSTOCK tp = steinboek BIENSTOCK td1 = conkiest, steinbok BIENSTOCK ta3 = bluestocking, cabinetworks
It certainly seemed to work on our Shungu, who was transformed from on offputting bluestocking into a pulsating, hands-on sex siren ready to get her hands on the nearest TDH male.
The relentless verbal and visual attacks on the bluestocking are well charted in Walton's survey, as are the ripostes of the four women who adopted the nicknames of Cassandra, Diotima, Aspasia and Cleopatra in a provocative display of their knowledge of antiquity.
For so determined a bluestocking, her eccentric and extensive wardrobe was a surprise; nothing was ever completely clean or completely whole, and nothing ever matched anything else, but it was apparent that all these odd and often ugly clothes had been expensive.
The women tend to speak in some variant of Jane's loquaciousness, while the men, particularly the uneasy Philip, are nearly as taciturn as Richard, whose staccato sets a minimal standard for communication: "A bluestocking I fancy.
She compares Rowe's writing to her literary forebears and contemporaries and looks at her influence on three later literary movements: the politeness movement, the reading revolution, and the Bluestocking society.