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Synonyms for bluestocking

a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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GUILDFORD: June 12, 7.30pm-9pm - A modern day recreation of a bluestocking salon will take place in the Music Room at Hatchlands Park.
- We do need to carve out spaces for women and to have feminist discussions - like Bluestocking Week.
Now a bluestocking woman appears neither in London nor in Durham but in such conservative areas of Afghanistan as Helmand and Kandahar, where it is more than a taboo for women to speak against social evils and to publicly express emotions of love, affection and sexual desire.
Frankie's arrival in Washington relieved Cleveland's sister Rose, bluestocking and Daughter of Bilitis, of her role as First Lady regent.
Lynn Peril furthers the analysis of popular culture images of college women within Pink Think (2002) and College Girls (2006) by focusing on representations of the "bluestocking" which manifests itself within American culture during the early-twentieth century (Peril 2002, 31).
(56) The latter has gained scholarly attention as a member of the bluestocking circle and she maintained correspondences with other high-profile women of that eighteenth century coterie.
Section 2, "Methodological considerations in the study of change" begins with a paper by Anni Sairio on "Methodological and practical aspects of historical network analysis: A case study of the Bluestocking letters".
In this spirit, in the conclusion, Backscheider follows up her suggestion that "the legacy of [Rowe's] lifestyle may be almost as important as her influence on the English novel" (44) by acknowledging Rowe's influence on the Bluestocking Circle, particularly its polite, epistolary sociability and its privileging of intellectual self-realization.
Before long it becomes apparent to this desperate, unconventional woman, raised as a boy and developing into an ardent bluestocking, that her lover has no desire to do anything beyond using her and her supposed wealth for his own mercenary ends.
We also come to know the New Woman through her many historic descriptions (i.e., types): flapper, garconne, neue Frau, Girl, trampka, Bluestocking.
Betty Schellenberg's opening chapter, "Reading in an Epistolary Community in Eighteenth-Century England," is a fascinating study of letters about books exchanged between the Bluestocking sisters Elizabeth Montagu and Sarah Scott, across a span of fifty-five years (1740-95).
What lent the episode piquancy, and the disavowal credibility, was that Marita Phillips is neither a jolly housewife, of the variety that the internet has made synonymous with writing, nor a grim bluestocking, of the kind I suspect, perhaps wrongly, J.K.
Other early readers of Braganza included many members of the bluestocking circle, whose hostess Elizabeth Montagu was a friend of the Harcourts.