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Synonyms for blue

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Synonyms for blue

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Synonyms for blue

any organization or party whose uniforms or badges are blue

the sky as viewed during daylight

used to whiten laundry or hair or give it a bluish tinge

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the sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturate

any of numerous small butterflies of the family Lycaenidae

turn blue

of the color intermediate between green and violet

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used to signify the Union forces in the American Civil War (who wore blue uniforms)

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characterized by profanity or cursing

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suggestive of sexual impropriety

belonging to or characteristic of the nobility or aristocracy

morally rigorous and strict

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Racism and sexism were assumed; she wrote about their effects, whether in "The Bluest Eye" or in "Sula," a story of friendship and betrayal between two black women.
Part 2 examines the role of political elites, with chapters on elites and social movements, the militarization theory in post-Soviet Russia, and party change in AmericanAEs bluest state.
BRITAIN'S bluest comedian, Roy "Chubby" Brown, above, is back with a nationwide tour marking the 40th anniversary of his comedy debut.
| BRITAIN'S bluest comedian, Roy "Chubby" Brown, above, is back with nationwide tour marking the 40th anniversary of his comedy debut.
ONE of Britain's hardest working - and bluest - comedians has announced a 40th anniversary pre-Christmas tour.
Emaan Mahud said ' I try to use what my experiment with paint has taught me to recreate the feeling of swimming in the ocean at its bluest or standing in front of mountains at their grandest.
Nickerson's wife, Jan, said, 'It was more brilliantly blue than the bluest hydrangea you've ever seen.
'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen Image Credit: Amazon 'The Bluest Eye' by Toni Morrison Image Credit: Amazon 'The Palace of Illusions' by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Image Credit: Amazon By Navanita Varadpande, Gulf News reader
Four decades after the release of her first novel, The Bluest Eye, Nobel laureate Toni Morrison revisits themes of hurt and harm among people of African descent.
I worry that Northumberland is more likely to be spoilt by the nay-sayers, who will always see a dark cloud, even in the bluest of skies.
Greg Abbott's 2014 campaign, Villarreal made headlines last year when he came out as a Republican in one of the bluest parts of the state.
His memoir," Matters of Life and Data," contains his account of applying to join the CCLR, that sanctuary of the bluest blood in Little Rock.
And in the bluest of blue states, they rejected Democrats - in Maryland and Massachusetts and in Illinois," he said.
How yellow could the yellowest yellow be or the bluest blue?
The American Library Association has released the annual 'State of the Libraries' report of works most frequently "challenged" at schools and libraries, and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison's 'The Bluest Eye' has made it to the list for its language, along with violence and sexual content, the Huffington Post reported.