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Synonyms for blues

Synonyms for blues

a type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century

a state of depression

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Now, two months on, comes another new record by another ageing bluesman in his 70s - but the difference in their current output is startling.
Staying with blues but moving to the end of next week, another New York bluesman, in the shape of Steve James who is 40 years older than Blind Boy Paxton, plays the Live Theatre's Studio on the Thursday night.
The searing guitar licks do show up on the new album but it also demonstrates how deep and mature a musician the young bluesman is.
As the 20th century blossomed and railways, then steamboats, then cars began to link previously isolated pockets of the country, a new type of musicianer emerged: the bluesman.
There's a plaintive wail in bluesman Andy O'Brien's voice when he sings, a spark of melancholy that cracks in between verses.
Chick Willis is a veteran bluesman who has visited the Midlands intermittently over the years.
A RARELY-seen collection of customised cars owned by guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and American bluesman Jimmie Vaughan are planned to be displayed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this summer (July 2-4).
Though he's been chronicling his psychic pain since the early '90s, Everett's haunted ballads and howling rockers haven't lost one iota of their tortured immediacy, thanks to a voice that recalls the world-weariness of an old-time bluesman.
SEASICK STEVE Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay Tel: 0870 040 2000 The world-worn hobo bluesman brings his two-string wonder for an overdue gig in Wales.
Red has performed with Muddy Waters and BB King, and has a personal history steeped in the early days of Delta Blues, while Messer is a British bluesman of rare quality, once described as "one of the greatest slide guitarists ever alongside Duane Allman and Ry Cooder".
The remaining nine discuss the Johnson legend and legacy, a feud over photos of the bluesman, and the three-second film that some say prove the legend.
Music Makes Me Happy" is award-winning independent children's recording artist Robbi K's third music album for children ages 7 to 12 and features an amazing mixture of jazz, pop, folk, world beat, classical, blues, Broadway, and calypso tunes performed with an impressive array of guest artists ranging from roots-rocker Brady Rhymer to Riverdance fiddler Eileen Ivers, and from Jon Bauman of Sha Na Na, and bluesman Guy Davis.
Jackson's bluesman, Lazarus, keeps a young woman chained to the radiator of his Tennessee shack in "Black Snake Moan.
His quest to become a musician at a later age involves instruction from friends and guitar 'greats' alike, in the process revealing much about the music world's finest figures from PJ Harvey to the eccentric old bluesman T.
The Grammy Award winner's cover of bluesman Willie Dixon's "I Want to be Loved" is spiced with emphatic guitar work.