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Synonyms for blues

Synonyms for blues

a type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century

a state of depression

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A bluesier number, "Early in the Morning," also prompted the crowd to dance and sing along with no coaxing from the band.
Their music's a lot bluesier though, referencing everything from Tom Waits' grumbled rumble to Captain Beefheart's angular riffing and The Black Keys' indie-ish Delta rocking.
Derrin's music is influenced by Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Martin Stevenson and Richard Thompson, there are hints of John Martyn and traditional British folk, blended in with his own rootsier, bluesier, and altogether gutsier sound.
Stoller" gave the melody a bluesier feel," (42) listeners
The new frontman has returned the band to its rock roots and tracks like C-lebrity, from The Cosmos Rocks album, are grittier and bluesier than the Queen songs we're more familiar with.
Music critics say the Joseph trademark is apparent on the new album's 10 tracks but the recording is jazzier, rockier, bluesier, funkier and more edgy.
Thunder storm back into Newcastle this month, bluesier, ballsier and busier than ever before.
Guitarist Davy Johnstone and bass player Bob Birch got their chance to shine on those classics, while drummer Nigel Olsson and keyboards player Guy Babylon were to the fore in a bluesier, more intense, 10-minute adaptation of Rocket Man.
A much bluesier, raw affair, Chris is hoping to release Alone On A Mountain Top (The Ty Bach Twt Sessions) next Spring.