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Synonyms for blues

Synonyms for blues

a type of folksong that originated among Black Americans at the beginning of the 20th century

a state of depression

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On the bluesier side are Clyde Otis' "A Mother's Love" and Lonnie Johnson's "Tomorrow Night.
It rocks in a similar way to the earlier Humpers, just take out the power chords and replace them with something much bluesier and slow it down a notch.
First written by Ann Ronnell in the 1930s, the song was adapted by jazz singers in the 1940s, who gave it a bluesier feel.
JERRY ta2 = perjury JERRY ta3 = joyrider LEIBER tp = belier LEIBER ta1 = beliers, febrile, libeler LEIBER ta2 = believer, bluesier, reliable MIKE ta1= kelim, talked, minke MIKE ta2 = kinema, kismet, milked STOLLER tp = toilers STOLLER ta1 = pollster, strolled, trolleys STOLLER ta2 = forestall, polluters, steamroll HILL AND RANGE td2 = rehandling HILL RANGE ta2 = bethralling, enthralling ABERBACH ta4 = hardscrabble, unbreachable FREDDY ta2 = defrayed BIENSTOCK tp = steinboek BIENSTOCK td1 = conkiest, steinbok BIENSTOCK ta3 = bluestocking, cabinetworks
True to his word, Ron and his fantastic fusion band re-worked some intriguing versions of his bluesier numbers.
Aside from rejoining Colosseum for their reunion album and subsequent tours, Farlowe's also been back in the studio himself, the voice bluesier and if anything more powerful than ever.
But the album never keeps the listener in that moment, tugging them away mid-song into the bluesier, lower key tempos.
Zydeco is the more uptempo, bluesier big sister of cajun.