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(astronomy) a shift in the spectra of very distant galaxies toward longer wavelengths (toward the red end of the spectrum)

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The investment by White Oak provides Blueshift with the necessary funding to acquire the firm's intellectual property, and to maintain the personnel and technology required to run the business as an independent entity.
25 January 2018 - New York, US-based private equity firm White Oak Equity Partners has acquired a minority stake in New Jersey, US-based investment management firm Blueshift Asset Management, the company said.
White Oak Equity Partners, a private equity firm that purchases minority GP interests in alternative asset managers, has announced that it has acquired a minority interest in Blueshift Asset Management, a quantitative investment firm focused on statistical arbitrage and high-frequency trading strategies, the company said.
Sunnyvale, CA 6/27/08--MDS Analytical Technologies has acquired Blueshift Biotechnologies for $13 million.
Ellen Richstone, CFO, Sonus Networks; Director, American Power Conversion and BlueShift Technologies
For glucose sensing, we attach boronic acid recognition agents to bind to glucose to produce cross-links that blueshift the diffraction in proportion to the glucose concentration.
Claro que aqui no voy a hablar del original sino del Blueshift que, dicho sea de paso no requiere que tengamos el HalfLife original instalado.
Let's say you are the risk manager at the Blueshift company, a mover and shaker in the wonderful world of widgets.
But since they also exhibit a contraindicative redshift that says they are apparently moving away from us, the paradox could be explained by the bathychromic down shifting of the wavelength spectrum of light due to the gravitational attraction of the external universes which would give us the redshift that we observe, while at the same time, the motion in our direction would hypsochromically blueshift the light.
As Solar Max recorded each blueshift, astronomers observing the same regions of the sun from the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico recorded "redshifts" in hydrogen (H-alpha) emissions, suggesting downward movement of hydrogen.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-April 22, 2016-LUMA invests in Blueshift Series A financing round
If such a universe compresses (A < 0), this effect changes its sign, thus becoming a cosmological blueshift.
Soukoulis, "Optically implemented broadband blueshift switch in the terahertz regime," Phys.
Start-up Blueshift Biotechnologies launched its first product, the IsoCyte fluorescence laser scanning imager based on its Dynamic Fluorimetry technology.