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(astronomy) a shift in the spectra of very distant galaxies toward longer wavelengths (toward the red end of the spectrum)

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Abhay's appointment underscores Blueshift's commitment to scaling its engineering teams in India, which will work closely with San Francisco based teams to develop and scale innovative products.
"The galaxy's light reveals this incoming motion in that it is blueshifted," it said.
White Oak led a group of strategic investors who provided the equity capital to launch Blueshift's business and trading activities.
White Oak Equity Partners, a private equity firm that purchases minority GP interests in alternative asset managers, has announced that it has acquired a minority interest in Blueshift Asset Management, a quantitative investment firm focused on statistical arbitrage and high-frequency trading strategies, the company said.
Further increases of R, which are supposed to promote a more intense shift towards greater wavelengths (-1000 nm), as suggested in [11], are found on the contrary to determine a slight blueshift of the spectrum.
The binding of probe 3 to A[beta] aggregates was also accompanied by a blueshift in the emission spectrum [15].
Meanwhile, it can be seen that the excitation spectra of the composites represent obvious blueshift compared with the 326 nm peak value for the pure complex, and especially for the (96/4) and (93/7) composites, the peaks are blueshifted by 17 nm, indicating that TCA macromolecules may influence the excitation process of the added complex.
Such a blueshift of the absorbance maximum for intracellular CuO-NPs could reflect the aggregation state or size of as-prepared NPs as mentioned earlier and would be confirmed later on through TEM.
As is seen, the photon frequency shift is positive in this case: z > 0 (otherwise it would be blueshift).
Robert Gray mentions how he and his team adjusted the hydrogen emission frequencies they searched to allow for the blueshift caused by the Andromeda Galaxy's relative motion toward us.
When the Fermi energy is reduced, the dip will have a blueshift. The reflected phase will be steeper, which will further enhance the negative value of the reflected group delay.
Sun et al., "Blueshift of optical band gap in ZnO thin films grown by metal-organic chemical-vapor deposition," Journal of Applied Physics, vol.
VCs--which VB Profiles says have invested more than $25 billion in marketing software--are putting their money in the decision layer with stakes in such companies as Appuri, Blueshift, Clari, CQuotient, Custora, Gainsight, Infer, Lattice, Monetate, Sailthru, Velocify, and
Kienberger, "Spatial separation of large dynamical blueshift and harmonic generation," Physical Review A, Vol.