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Synonyms for blueprint

Synonyms for blueprint

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

to work out and arrange the parts or details of

Synonyms for blueprint

something intended as a guide for making something else

photographic print of plans or technical drawings etc

make a blueprint of


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An Austin resident and self-described "crypto-anarchist" said Tuesday he'll begin selling blueprints that would allow users to 3D print their own plastic guns -- a day after a federal judge extended a temporary block preventing him from making the plans available on the web for free.
Whenever a new structure is being constructed, the first step usually involves an architect who designs a blueprint, which assists as a guide to ensure that the building is successfully created and established.
They offer more than 66,000 blueprints and 11,000 vector drawings but they're not exclusively for rifles.
The blueprints for the Liberator have been ( uploaded to The Pirate Bay , so it's impossible to know how far the 3D-printing files have spread.
"An application blueprint provides a templating language that describes how to instantiate an application in the cloud," Che said.
The blueprints also feature the sketches for all of Q's villain-busting gadgets.
IT should have been consigned to a watery grave along with the rest of the Titanic - but this unique blueprint of the doomed liner is on sale for pounds 25,000.
By integrating its platform-independent 3D-VE blueprints with the tooling offered by Microsoft Corp.
A man has been arrested in Florida on suspicion of selling stolen aviation blueprints illegally obtained from aircraft engines firm Pratt & Whitney.
Labatt Blue has announced Project Blueprints described as "the collision of art, science, and Labatt Blue.
The trick to making Business Blueprints work is saving money for customers, of course.
ADD UP THE SPEC BOOKS, COPIES OF BLUEprints, and reproducible Mylar floor plans required to bid and build just one 100-home community, and you quickly find yourself with a very large bill from the blueprint company-unless you run Amber Homes, which moved its blueprints online this year.
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) offers Blueprints for Violence Prevention, a 16-page bulletin that provides information on effective violence prevention and intervention programs to reduce adolescent violent crime, aggressive delinquency, substance abuse, and predelinquent aggression and conduct disorders.
The Japanese Embassy in Berlin was not the target of a terrorist attack allegedly planned by a Sudanese man who had blueprints of the embassy, the Japanese ambassador to Germany said Thursday based on reports of investigative authorities here.