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sensitized paper used to make blueprints

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A series of historical images of the Barlow institution, again reproduced on blueprint paper but here mottled by rain, neatly articulates a parallel between the two sanatoriums; a slide show of Jager's casual photographs of the decrepit facility, presented in the gallery's loft space, revealed the artist employing a more familiar documentary approach--one that recalls Robert Smithson's slide lecture Hotel Palenque, 1969-72, itself a wry excursus on time.
A mixture of two chemicals gives the fabric the same photographic qualities as blueprint paper. Exposed to light and developed in water, the cloth turns a rich blue; where objects have blocked the sun's rays, the cloth remains a contrasting white--or whatever color the original fabric was.
The use of blueprint paper in particular has resulted in large works of austere and innovative beauty that transform natural objects into mysterious shadow forms of strong graphic presence and indeterminate meaning.
Their horizontal imprints of human bodies on blueprint paper share a seamless, allover procedure with the great poured canvases, yet recover simultaneously the monumental human figure that had been all but banished from New York School painting.
It was to just such transformations, after all, that Klein himself, in his "Anthropometries" of 1959-60, subjected the apparently radical indexical strategy of replacing iconic representation and painterly gesture by semimechanical procedures - a strategy deployed by the Surrealists in the invention of the photogram and ecriture automatique, and later reactivated by Rauschenberg in the extraordinary series of life-sized photograms of the human body that he produced on architectural blueprint paper with Susan Weil between 1949 and 1951, and in the Tire Print he made with John Cage in 1953.