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The new capabilities are now included in all BluePoint systems.
BluePoint was conceived in 2012 as a result of a simple observation: the installed base of solar operating assets is growing very fast, but the industry has no tools to manage them.
After a vendor review process between several providers, an internal project team deemed Bluepoint's ImagePoint ATM check capture as the solution best equipped to handle the credit union's projected growth and the addition of additional capture points in the future, Bluepoint said.
Bluepoint s QwikDeposit ToGo allows smartphone users to take photos of their checks with their mobile phone and deposit those checks to their checking or savings account.
And Bluepoint Founder/CEO Hal Tilbury said he hopes to inspire other companies.
Instead of the traditional poster, imagine an LCD or plasma screen displaying ads in a store, at a bank or on a billboard -- our technology allows people to create electronic signs and control a network of those signs using Internet protocol," says Kelly Struhs, Bluepoint Technologies president.
BluePoint offers a complete line of availability, recovery, and professional services for the small to medium sized business customer seeking to achieve the highest levels of data protection and application availability at the lowest possible costs.
Bluepoint significantly increased its customer base by adding 73 credit unions to a growing roster of financial institutions running Bluepoint solutions.
FSI partnered with Bluepoint in September 2011 and offers all of Bluepoint's capture applications.
With the large banks creating waves with their new RDC products, community institutions can no longer wait to deploy these solutions, said Andrew Tilbury, chief marketing officer of Bluepoint Solutions.
Corporate One and Bluepoint Solutions of Vista, Calif.
The credit union has invested in a content management and remote deposit capture strategy leveraging the following Bluepoint products: ImagePoint Teller Capture, Receipt Manager with Transaction Manager, ImagePoint Remote (QwikDeposit Home), ImagePoint Hub, ImagePoint Foundation, member-centric Enterprise Content Management platform and disaster recovery.
Bluepoint Solutions today announced it has expanded its real-time, automated fraud prevention tools to accommodate its entire suite of remote deposit capture applications, including mobile deposit, ATM, merchant and home capture points.
Check 21 provider Bluepoint Solutions is offering more than a thousand natural person credit unions free upgrades and immediate transition to a direct license for its services in the wake of the troubles at WesCorp and Southwest Corporate.
LAS VEGAS -- Bluepoint Solutions today announced the availability of its next-generation ImagePoint Teller, the company's widely adopted Check 21 teller capture application.