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Synonyms for bluenose

a person who is too much concerned with being proper, modest, or righteous

Synonyms for bluenose

a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia


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There needs to be a lot of activity within the squad, which will hopefully pack St Andrew's with expectant Bluenoses on August 8th.
Credit to Jack Rodwell and Leighton Baines too for turning up to receive deserved awards for Young Player and Player of the Year Awards, courtesy of Bluenose promotions.
But Jefferson's reasoning, once scrubbed clean by secular bluenoses, not only loses its majestic power but becomes virtually incoherent.
Although, having said that, it's something Bluenoses are quite familiar with, so we shouldn't be surprised.
Dear Bluenoses, I'VE really liked being in Scotland over the summer.
Talking of strenuous activities, how many Bluenoses are up for this zip slide to raise money for the Rangers Charity Foundation?
The biggest cheer of the night was given, however, to former Blues manager Howard Kendall who spurned last week's controversy over the pantomime and took to the stage with Ratcliffe to help the Bluenoses defeat the evil Count Hoolio of Anfoldia.
Almost half of the vast stadium erupted in a sea of blue-and-white as the massed hordes of Bluenoses cheered their heroes on to the pitch.
Thus, love him or loathe him, he has become a cult hero for Bluenoses.
They also ensured all red-blooded Bluenoses would be denied the sight of his pretty young WAG - Hollyoaks actress Emma Rigby.
When Blues' reached the League Cup semi-final in 1996 they found themselves up against a top class Leeds United side who overpowered them 5-1 over two-legs - but the tussles threw up one moment for Bluenoses to long remember.
FAN BLOG DAVID LEWIS @daveshow93 BLUENOSES who travelled down to Cardion Saturday could have been excused for believing the game was the last of the season.
Bluenoses had been promised the first screening of the new trailer for the second run of the gangster drama at half-time during Saturday's home match with Leeds United, which ran to a 1-1 draw.
While I love Steve Bruce as a man, I'm afraid he sadly lacks judgement having sold three excellent players for a pittance - Andy Johnson, Geoff Horsfield and Darren Carter whom the Bluenoses all loved - and then spent a king's ransom on the above three forwards who at best are of dubious quality, as has been proved in the last 11 games.
You're playing for Watford, of course you're going to get stick, but Bluenoses will forgive you for scoring if you show us respect