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Synonyms for bluenose

a person who is too much concerned with being proper, modest, or righteous

Synonyms for bluenose

a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia


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However, none of the Blues legends could fathom how any of the present players could not rise to the occasion of playing in front of all the passionate Bluenoses at St.
It should do - the words came out of that bluenose, opinionated hole in your face you call a mouth.
Credit to Jack Rodwell and Leighton Baines too for turning up to receive deserved awards for Young Player and Player of the Year Awards, courtesy of Bluenose promotions.
Make no mistake, wee Barry has been badly missed and his return gives all us Bluenoses a huge lift.
WORST OF THE DAYSORRY Bluenoses, but I've just got to say Everton at 2-5 to beat Tranmere.
LOS Angeles is beginning to earn a reputation as a city of bluenoses.
I'm sure myself and many other Bluenoses won't be afraid to say that when that ball struck the net, in front of the loudest Tilton End I've heard in a while, we were close to tears.
So, if he was who he said he was, I thought I'd pose the question that all Bluenoses would want me to ask - would he be interested in a move to Birmingham City?
Thirty years ago the bulk of the Scotland support were Bluenoses but times have changed.
The biggest cheer of the night was given, however, to former Blues manager Howard Kendall who spurned last week's controversy over the pantomime and took to the stage with Ratcliffe to help the Bluenoses defeat the evil Count Hoolio of Anfoldia.
Bluenoses will all have their own opinions of the best team Birmingham City could muster.
I'll leave you rabid bluenoses with one intriguing question.
But Jefferson's reasoning, once scrubbed clean by secular bluenoses, not only loses its majestic power but becomes virtually incoherent.
Dear Bluenoses, I'VE really liked being in Scotland over the summer.
Talking of strenuous activities, how many Bluenoses are up for this zip slide to raise money for the Rangers Charity Foundation?