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Synonyms for bluenose

a person who is too much concerned with being proper, modest, or righteous

Synonyms for bluenose

a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia


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But just one condition: All Bluenoses want to see the proof," Monk wrote after the match, as he paid [pounds sterling]80 towards Tomlinson's [pounds sterling]100 target for the charity tattoo.
"We knew that we were entering a space in the business software industry that is very new, and that the market would first need to be taught what CSM is," recalls Jaime Morocco, community and customer marketing manager at Bluenose.
? CREDIT to the Bluenose joker who produced the following tongue in cheek tag-line on Twitter while watching the game back home.
The annual Bluenose awards will also be presented on the night to the current Everton players named Player and Young Player of the Season.
Bluenose is division of Wheels Group, of Mississauga, Ontario.
Des analyses genetiques et spatiales suggerent que ce que l'on a decrit precedemment comme le troupeau de caribous des toundras Bluenose (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus) est en fait compose de trois populations distinctes.
It concerns the Bluenose who, on his 50th birthday, blithely announces his intention to carry on living until he reaches the grand old age of 100.
The most famous of these, the Bluenose, was launched 75 years ago.
"Thank you to the owners, the directors, all the players, the manager and his staff, the staff behind the scenes at the training ground/ground who don't get the recognition they deserve for all their hard work and finally to all the Bluenose fans who have accepted me, accepted me for who I am, the 100% effort I have given and what I have tried to bring to this team on/off the pitch.
Not many men would relish a tussle with Bilic, but then Bluenose light heavyweight world champion Tony Bellew is not someone to be concerned by another's combative reputation.
From fishing boats to lobster traps, Highland flings to the Bluenose itself, this book has all the fixings of a Maritime Christmas.
"Here to tell you all that Old Bluenose is back," says Findlay, before singing his own version of Loch Lomond.
- Dave the Bluenose.Text your football rumours to us on DMSPORT 87222 or fax 020 7293 3739 or email us at mirrorsport@mgn.
It should do - the words came out of that bluenose, opinionated hole in your face you call a mouth.