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Lieutenant-Commander Harrison was gunned down, cutlass in hand, leading the Royal Navy Bluejackets.
Domiciled in what was known as the Boilermakers Shops, part of the Washington Navy Yard's ship and munitions manufacturing complex, Bluejacket offers an impressive array of beers under the direction of beer director Greg Engert and created by brewmaster Megan Parisi, who just recently left the brewery.
"Say, King, them fellows never saw a baseball until they got into the army!" an exuberant bluejacket shouted toward the royal box.
The company has retained a petroleum engineer and microbiologist with experience in evaluation and production of oil and gas from the Bluejacket and Warner Sandstones.
Whether you are a recruit, a bluejacket, chief or officer; this will benefit all Sailors."
Tradescantia ohiensis Raf.; Smooth or Ohio Spiderwort, Bluejacket; BSUH 12992.
Members of DAV Department of Connecticut join Department Commander Albert Doak, center, front row, in dark bluejacket, and Conn.
Much will depend on the early battle, but from a favourable draw in the bluejacket Comeonthecats gets the nod.
The 19-year-old bluejacket was sitting in his room at the barracks, talking to her on the phone at the time.
Annapolis, Md.: Bluejacket Books, Naval Institute Press, 2002 (copyright 1962).
Unfortunately, this edition, part of the Naval Institute Press's Bluejacket Books series, includes no update; nothing that brings Bader's story to a conclusion; and nothing about his postwar career, humanitarian involvement, and knighthood.
Johnson, "Chief" Louis Leroy, "Chief" Ike Kahdot, "Chief" Euel Moore, "Chief" Ben Tincup, "Chief" Elon Hogsett, "Chief" Pryor McBee, "Chief" Emmett Bowles, "Chief" Jim Bluejacket, and "Superchief" Allie Reynolds, among others.
Schlesinger, ed., "A Blue Bluejacket's Letters Home, 1863-1864," The New England Quarterly 1 (Oct.